The 2020 Competition Categories for STAMP
The 2020 Competition Categories for STAMP

Out of all of SALON TODAY's recognition programs, STAMP (a.k.a. SALON TODAY's Annual Marketing Program) is the easiest to enter. Simply select your most clever and impactful marketing ideas over the last year, match them up to one of the competition categories, show us what you did and tell us about the results. 

This year's competition is online entry only. In a typical year, most applications are submitted electronically, but we did allow owners to mail in their entries. This year, because our offices are still closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we're requesting that everyone use the online portal. (If you have an issue that will not allow you to upload your application, please contact Stacey Soble at

Access the Online Application Portal here. Deadline for this year's compettion is June 30, 2020. 

To help you start thinking about your entry, here are this year's categories. Please note we added two new categories that related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Print Salon Advertisement
2. Radio Commercial
3. Television/Cable Commercial
4. Direct Mail Piece

5. Salon/Spa Website
6. Mobile Marketing Program
7. Social Media Campaign
8. E-Mail Newsletter
9. Salon/Style Blog
10. Single Creative Social Media Post

11. Guerilla (low-cost) Marketing Campaign
12. Best Incorporation of a National Campaign
13. Overall Coordinated Campaign
14. Philanthropic Campaign
15. COVID-19 Campaign for Marketing Products & Giftcards
16. COVID-19 Client Communication Campaign

17. Service Menu
18. Branding Strategy
19. Mission Statement
20. Business Card
21. Employee Recruitment Materials
22. Client Loyalty Programs
23. On-Hold Messaging

24. In-Salon Merchandising Display
25. In-Salon Promotional Campaign
26. Other: Got a great marketing piece, but don't know where to enter it? Enter it here. Each year we create categories based on original ideas entered in this category.

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