STAMP 2019: EvelineCharles Launches Lash Extensions with a Marketing Punch
STAMP 2019: EvelineCharles Launches Lash Extensions with a Marketing Punch

Those little eyelashes can punch a big profit, but convincing clients to adopt a new beauty service can require some marketing power. EvelineCharles puts a multi-layered campaign behind its new service and is on target to realize $72,000 in service sales. Check out this STAMP-winning idea:

Volume Eyelash Extensions
EvelineCharles Salons, Spas, Beauty MD
Edmonton, Alberta
Eveline Charles

Years ago, EvelineCharles launched an eyelash extension service, but the salon underestimated the amount of marketing required to build the category, says President Lina Heath. “We had a soft launch and limped along waiting for the business to build organically, but we weren’t competitive against specialty eyelash extension concepts.”

In November 2018, Charles and Heath attended Cosmoprof Hong Kong and discovered BL Lashes, lighter lashes that last longer and have laser-cut grooves for better glue application. The salon created three new services, a classic lash set for $150, a volume lash set for $180, and fills for $75 or $90. 

The salon designed a straightforward, multi-pronged marketing campaign that focused on the service’s benefits. Email blasts were sent to the salon’s 15,000 subscribers; weekly posts rotated on Facebook and Instagram; the salon’s website featured a banner ad; large window decals were added to exterior windows; desktop signage and backlit posters were created for each location; the call center and reception desks mentioned the service to every guest; printed handbills and postcards were designed; an ad was created for EvelineCharles TV—the televisions in waiting areas that play messages about services, products and trends; every trained lash artist invited three top guests to receive 30% off the service if they agreed their before-and-after images could be used for testimonials; information cards were placed in event bags at charity events; and an ad appeared in the mall’s seasonal magazine. 

“The total cost of the campaign was $1,600,” Heath says. “At the start of the year, we had an almost non-existent lash business and now we are attracting 30-40 new lash guests a month, and our first year is trending to achieve $72,000 in eyelash extension sales.”

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