Don't Market to Yourself
Don't Market to Yourself

Remember that commercial that pops up all the time, and you wonder how on earth a commercial that bad could keep running? It runs because it works.

As much as we hate to admit it, most things simply aren’t marketed directly to us.

Following this example, it’s important that we remember the simple fact that we’re not marketing to ourselves, or even to people that are necessarily like us. We may be very much in tune with what our target market’s wants and needs are, but by default--we aren’t the same people we’re marketing to. They have different wants, needs, life experiences, and a very different understanding of the messages we are trying to convey.

Make sure all the messages you develop are created in a way that they appeal to the people you want in your salon. Think of the core messages you are trying to convey, think of your actual audience, and go from there.

And remember, if you love it, that doesn’t mean anyone else will. 

About the Author: Zane Hagy is a PR and marketing professional, with a focus on the beauty industry and premium products. When it comes to the world of beauty, Zane’s niche is simple solutions for complex problems. Experience includes salons, schools, product lines, and individual artists. His agency, z11 communications, has also represented Intercoiffure America Canada since 2014. Email him at or visit

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