The Benefits Software Brings to Salon and Spa Owners

When a client enters your salon, they’re aware of the gleaming sinks in use and the smell of nail polish being applied, but they might not realize everything that happens behind the scenes. Successful salon owners are no longer scribbling down appointments and inventory checks with pen and paper. Instead, they opt for salon software. There are numerous benefits of salon software that enable salon managers and owners to run their businesses more efficiently. Will it be worthwhile for your salon to invest in software? Read on to find out the multiple benefits of bringing software to your salon, and determine if this is the right course of action for your business.

Easy Scheduling: With an automated booking system, clients can make appointments at your salon any time of day – even without the help of a receptionist. Easy scheduling features allows either your team at the salon to see calendar availability and book accordingly, or for clients to book remotely from their desktop or mobile devices. Additionally, you’ll be able to login to your salon software dashboard and see which stylists have availability so you can draft your employee schedule accordingly. You can also easily access which times of the week are more or less busy and adjust your staffing as you see fit.

Reduce No Shows: Salon software programs offer automated texting services that make it easy to confirm appointments with clients. By using these programs, salon owners are able to change the messages’ content, and the frequency of messages sent, to clients who are planning on coming into the salon. This reduces the number of no shows and allows you to have more business coming through the door.

Increased Security: When you begin using salon software to store your client information, product inventory, schedule, and sales records, you become better able to back up and save data. If you have been keeping track of your salon’s information via pen and paper, or through a combination of Word documents and spreadsheets, your information is all over the place and can be easily lost. With a streamlined, central system, you not only know where all of your information is, but can easily store or back it up at a moment’s notice.

Product Management: Keeping track of inventory can take time to master. You need to maintain minimum stock levels while preparing to bring new items in, and have to track any seasonal or temporary changes to purchases. When you use a software system to track products, you can better survey what’s moving off shelves and what you need to focus on ordering during your next round of purchasing. Additionally, top tier salon management software even offers systems that will allow your stylists to mix the perfect color for clients digitally. The software can then save the color combination to your selected guest’s profile, so it’s ready for them the next time they come into your salon. This is also useful when ordering new products, as you can see which dyes and coloring options are more favored by clients.

Loyalty Programs: If you’re looking for ways to entice new customers to come into your salon while retaining past visitors, salon software can help you. With automated loyalty programs, clients gain points every time they visit your business. After they achieve a certain number of points, they’re able to trade in their points for a free or reduced price product or service. This is a simple and effective way to let clients know you value their time and business, and having them come in multiple times to earn points offsets the cost of giving out discounts or free products.

Gain New Clients: Your salon is operating more efficiently with the help of an in-house salon management system, and you have increased your marketing efforts, but you’re still looking for new ways to bring in additional clients. Powerful salon software programs offer benefits to new clients, such as discounts off their first service that entice them to come in. You can also hone in on existing clients by offering them promotions and discounts when they successfully refer a friend or family member to visit the salon. By sending out referral links in your emails, you can track which links were clicked and led to appointments being booked and tweak your strategy accordingly.

Increased Profitability: Most importantly, having an effective salon software in place at your business will increase profitability. Clients will be able to enjoy a quicker, easier booking process, which is bound to increase their overall satisfaction with your business. Additional tools, such as those that attract first time clients, and automated services that follow up with current clients, will ensure that clients continue coming back to your salon time and time again – that leads to more money in your pocket. What’s more, with easy to read automated performance reports, you can set goals and track your salon’s revenue on a weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or yearly basis.

Better Marketing Efforts: Quality salon software programs will help increase your online presence and bolster your marketing efforts. A prime example of better marketing efforts in action would be using a salon software system that integrates with your social media accounts. This allows the software to easily post across multiple channels, share quality reviews from clients, and develop an online presence across various websites. Additionally, with automated email marketing functions, you can reach out to customers who might not have otherwise viewed your social media communications. With advanced features that allow you to track who has opened emails, sent referrals, or taken a client survey, you can narrow in your marketing plan to better reach your demographic.

If you’re debating over whether or not to invest in salon software, consider the fact that the return on investment will be more than worth it. By taking the initiative to purchase salon software, you’ll be increasing your efficiency, bettering your customer service methods, and staying on top of ordering products for your salon. There are many benefits to purchasing salon software, and you’ll experience all of them rapidly once you decide to take the plunge.

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