Salon Today Recommends: Recruiting Students, Maximizing Your Color Business & Retail Tips

December 4, 2017 | 12:41 PM

At SALON TODAY, we're always on the lookout for best practices and how-to case studies from salon owners on making business more efficient and profitable, and encourage our community to search for and share solutions. Here is a collection of success stories recently added to the Aveda Means Business blog. This series covers hiring strategies, strengthening retail with new promotion ideas, and helping staff grow color revenue.

10 Tips to Recruit From Beauty Schools

As a salon owner you want positions in your salon to be filled with solid, good candidates. Susan Haise, owner of the Institute of Beauty and Wellness and six Neroli salons; Anne Skubis, director of marketing at the Aveda Institute Tucson and Gina Polce, director of human resources at Douglas J Companies offer their tips on how to attract stylists who are passionate about the business and will fit in with your salon’s culture.


The Age of Hair Color: Are You Maximizing Opportunities?

For a busy stylist, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of cutting and coloring all day long, without giving much thought to best profit practices like a better consultation or a focus on add-on services.

But what if you shifted the spotlight of your business onto your color clients? How would your revenue change? How could you maximize color dollars? Alberto Rossell-Davis, director of hair color sales and education for Aveda, shares tips on elevating your hair color business to achieve personal and professional goals.

Weathering the Storm: Picking up the Pieces After Hurricane Harvey

In late August, Hurricane Harvey blew through Houston, flooding the city and leaving thousands of people homeless. In this story, Josephine’s Salon and Spa owner Vivian Yeh dealt with mold and water that came up to the back of her styling chairs. One of her salons needed a full construction to replace the floors and repair the walls. Even though Yeh felt helpless and hopeless, she took action to keep her business running. Read about her journey.


Get Out of a Retail Rut

Is your salon running the same old promotions every month? Do you feel like everyone needs something new and fresh to ramp up their passion for products? The five ideas below have proven successful and inspirational to the stylists at these salons. Get inspired by their approaches to retailing.


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