Amanda Cioletti, content director, License Global.

Amanda Cioletti, content director, License Global.

The magazine License Global has launched Brand XT, a new special report focused on the latest in marketing campaigns, creative collaborations and brand extensions. Within the digital report, there is some wisdom for salon owners hoping to lead their businesses into a successful future.

According to the report, now is the best time for brands to connect with their consumers.

“Today’s global uncertainty is unlike anything in recent history; people are vulnerable and are now looking to brands for direction, support, and positivity,” says Amanda Cioletti, content director, License Global. “Now exists a window of opportunity for brands to connect with their audience on a deeper, more meaningful level, while future-proofing their reputation – the key is executing with humility and conviction.”

The report aims to provide companies with inspiration to expand their brands through deep dives into partnerships and activities, insights into how some of the world's biggest brands positioned themselves through iconic campaigns and share valuable insights into future trends from those in the know.

“We are a global community that naturally gravitates to brands, whether it be to show your pride for your favorite sports team, to denote social status or simply because you like the quality. The brands that have true affinity can and are leveraged beyond their core offerings to further brand recognition and create new generations of consumers; but it’s not done in a vacuum and can’t be done alone – it occurs through strategic partnerships. That’s brand licensing,” says Cioletti. “Brand XT takes a look into the relationship between brand and consumer and how a strategic – and sometimes surprising – campaign can solidify a brand’s reputation into the future. Now is a critical time for brands to build an authentic connection with their audience, who are open to letting them in a deeper and more profound way than ever before.”

In the first issue of Brand XTLicense Global covers the following:

  • The Brands that Leveraged Position to Do Good; 
  • The Corona Beer Story; 
  • The Last Great Conundrum: Influencers; 
  • Global Map of Consumer Spending; 
  • LVMH: Breaking New Ground with High Concept Collabs; 
  • Levi Strauss on the Power of Brand Positioning; and 
  • The Class of 2020: Adidas Explains How to Create a Brand Collective. 

"History has proved that people remember brands for their acts of authenticity in a time of crisis, a quality increasingly lost in the ever-evolving influencer cutlure," Cioletti says. "Brand XT explores how brands are re-evalutating the much-needed return to normalcy with trusted ambassadors, running strategic and authentic long-term influencer campaigns."



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