Chad Cantu, co-owner of Chad+Co, in Centennial, Colorado.  

Chad Cantu, co-owner of Chad+Co, in Centennial, Colorado. 

A stylist for more than 20 years and a salon owner for 12, Chad Cantu currently co-owns the high-end Chad+Co in Centennial, Colorado, with his partner Marietta Cantu. They have carefully curated a team of talkent who continually strive to provide the best hair services while taking in account all aspects of their clients lifestyles when custom designing their look. Their fun, relaxed salon sports an urban vide and features the Cantus’ own product line. 

As part of our Profiles in Leadership series, SALON TODAY recently caught up with Chad for a little Q&A: 

ST: From where does your entrepreneurial drive originate? 
“I am a highly creative, but also a very competitive, personality. When I get inspired to create something new, I am very motivated to see how far I can grow my creation.”

ST: What is your strongest leadership quality and how has it helped you in business?
“I believe that my ability to set a strong example for my team is one of my strongest leadership qualities. It has set a really high standard in my business and that has become our reputation. Our business has grown because of that high standard that people trust they will get with us.”

ST: Throughout your professional career, what’s the best lesson you’ve learned after making a mistake? 
“I realized that I couldn’t grow past a certain pint until I had a clear vision of what my brand meant and what culture I was creating.”

ST: From what do you draw your strength, courage and vision?
“I get all my strength, courage and vision from Jesus and the word of God.”

ST: What is the single biggest threat that business businesses like yours face?
“In my opinion, deregulation is the biggest threat to businesses like ours, and I do think we can overcome it if we get involved with our local lawmakers.”

ST: If you weren’t in the beauty business, what would you be doing now?”
“I can’t even imagine doing anything else—I love our industry.”

ST: What’s the best thing an employee ever said about you?
“A team member who was so grateful for a scholarship to our apprenticeship program who would not have had the opportunity to become a stylist otherwise is now one of our top three producers.”

ST: “If you were training someone to take over your job, what is the most important advice you could offer? 
“Every single person is the most important and pay attention to every detail.”

ST: How do you like to spend your time away from the salon?
“When I’m not in the salon, I spend time traveling and making memories with my wife and four daughters.”

ST: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.
“I am a very successful colorist, and yet I am colorblind.”

ST: Why did you want to join Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA)?
“I joined Intercoiffure in a quest to push myself to the next level of my career, to grow and to open myself to new ideas.”

ST: What has been the biggest benefit you have received from your ICA membership?
“The benefits of my ICA membership are endless. Being close to the most influential, loving and crative powerhouses in our industry, and I am grateful to have them as my hair family and to know we are all here for each other.”

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