salon branding

5 Ways to Build a Trusted Brand

As we move through this crisis, we don't know what's on the other side but a healthy and trusted personal and salon brand will be more valuable, than ever. Stylists and owners can start thinking about and implementing these steps now.

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How To Pick The Best Dryer For Your Salon And Why The Choice Matters

As an owner, you no doubt obsess over every detail in your salon--from the chairs to the lighting to the paint on the walls.

Profiles in Leadership: Chad Cantu's Critical Attention to Detail

In our new Profiles in Leadership series, SALON TODAY gets up close and personal with the on-the-rise salon owner Chad Cantu, co-owner of Colorado's Chad+Co.

Should You Hire A Marketer for Your Salon?

Phorest's Chris Brennan explores how hiring a salon marketing director can help you get your brand out to the world, while showing you how you can delegate these responsibilities smoothly.

Your Best Business Asset is Your Face: How to Build Your Personal Brand

All beauty professionals need to cultivate a strong personal brand if they want to stand out--especially online. Find out why your face is the most important business asset you have and how to cultivate your own unique brand.

Announcing the 2019 STAMP Honorees

The 2019 SALON TODAY Annual Marketing Program Names 34 salon marketing idea best in class.

Bonnie Bonadeo Helps Beauty Professionals Build Successful Brands

At Data-Driven Salon Summit, the Coaches and Consultants showcases invited some of the industry's top advisers to give Ted Talk-style presentations. Here, Bonnie Bonadeo explains how she helps professionals build a better brand, and be the best leader and contributor possible.

Branding Your Salon for Excellence

In this blog, Minerva's Jeff Grissler helps salon owners understand the important role their brand plays when making a true connection to their clientele.

How Salons Market a Milestone Anniversary

Juut Salonspas and Paris Parker develop successful marketing programs around significant business anniversaries, picking up honorary 2017 STAMP awards.

STAMP 2017: Nuovo Salon's Client Loyalty Programs

Nuovo Salon cut their paper use by developing a client loyalty card that serves two purposes, earning it a 2017 STAMP award.