Experts at Brown’S CBD recently provided advice on relaxation techniques that could help reduce stress in a natural way and at a fraction of the cost that celebrities do. 

5 Best Relaxation Techniques
5 Best Relaxation Techniques


Meditation offers a profound avenue for inner exploration and self-discovery. Through focused attention and mindful awareness, individuals engage in meditation to cultivate a sense of calm, mental clarity, and emotional equilibrium.  

Regular meditation practice has been linked to an array of benefits, ranging from reduced stress and anxiety to improved concentration and enhanced emotional resilience. By immersing oneself in the present moment and quieting the incessant chatter of the mind, meditation fosters a deeper connection to one's thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.  

Over time, this practice can lead to a heightened sense of self-awareness, allowing individuals to navigate life's challenges with greater composure. There are many free online resources available to guide people through meditation practises. However, for small costs you can also attend classes or use premium apps such as Headspace, which have meditation sessions for all kinds of relaxation, or dealing with life events or even aiding sleep. 

5 Best Relaxation Techniques
5 Best Relaxation Techniques


Yoga is a fusion of physical postures, breath control and meditation. Beyond its physical aspects, yoga embodies a holistic approach to wellness, nurturing the union of mind, body, and spirit. Through the practice of postures and breath control, individuals enhance their flexibility, strength, and balance, promoting overall physical vitality.  

However, the benefits extend far beyond the physical realm. Regular yoga practice has been shown to increase relaxation while alleviating anxiety and depression, fostering a sense of inner peace and emotional well-being. Moreover, the meditative aspects of yoga facilitate mental clarity and mindfulness, enabling practitioners to cultivate a deeper connection with their thoughts and emotions. 

Yoga much like meditation is accessible to everyone, routines can be followed online through free apps such as YouTube, or you can pay for classes with dedicated instructors. Many gym memberships also allow members to access yoga classes which are included in the monthly fee. This is a great inexpensive form of relaxation and mental fortification.  

5 Best Relaxation Techniques
5 Best Relaxation Techniques


Aromatherapy, a therapeutic practice rooted in the use of aromatic plant extracts, harnesses the power of scents to promote well-being. Essential oils, extracted from various plants, are employed in this practice to stimulate the senses and influence mood, emotions, and even physical health.  

Through inhalation or topical application, these oils interact with the body's receptors, triggering responses that can range from relaxation and stress reduction to improved focus and enhanced sleep quality. Lavender, for instance, is known for its calming properties, while citrus scents can uplift and invigorate the mind. 

Aromatherapy has been found to complement traditional treatments for conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and pain management. Additionally, the sensory experience of aromatherapy can have a profound impact on emotional balance and mental clarity. This practice offers a natural and accessible way to promote overall wellness, making it a valuable addition to self-care routines. 

5 Best Relaxation Techniques
5 Best Relaxation Techniques


Supplements play a significant role in modern health and wellness by offering a convenient means to bridge nutritional gaps and support various aspects of well-being. These natural supplemental products, ranging from vitamins, and minerals to herbal extracts and amino acids, can provide essential nutrients that might be lacking in one's diet. There are many supplements that have stress-relieving qualities, this can aid with sleep, anxiety and promote relaxation. Supplements such as: 

Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb, ashwagandha has been used to help the body adapt to stress. It may support the body's natural stress response and promote relaxation. 

Rhodiola Rosea: Another adaptogenic herb, rhodiola rosea is believed to enhance resilience to stress and improve mood by balancing stress hormone levels. 

L-Theanine: Found in tea leaves, L-theanine is an amino acid that can promote relaxation without causing drowsiness. It's often used in conjunction with caffeine to offset its stimulating effects. 

Magnesium: Magnesium is involved in numerous bodily functions, including relaxation of muscles and the nervous system. A deficiency in magnesium can contribute to the lack of ability to relax and this induce anxiety. 

Valerian Root: Valerian root has a long history of use as a natural remedy for anxiety and sleep issues. It may help promote relaxation and alleviate mild stress. 

All of the above can be bought online or in stores for a fraction of the cost of the patches used by some celebrities, and many people have experienced the positive effects of implementing these natural supplements into their daily routines.  

5 Best Relaxation Techniques
5 Best Relaxation Techniques


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound derived from the cannabis plant. It has gained significant attention for its potential therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with its counterpart, THC. CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating various physiological processes such as pain perception, mood, anxiety, sleep, and immune function. Research suggests that CBD may offer a range of potential benefits for overall health and wellbeing. 

CBD can be bought in the form of raw oils, balms and foods, the CBD gummies have been trending across social media recently as a popular way to consume cannabidiol. CBD is completely legal in the UK and is a much cheaper alternative to encouraging your mind and body to relax, than the patches that many celebrities have been seen wearing.  

Laurence Brown, director of Brown’S CBD commented: “Modern life is fast-paced and hectic, which can often lead to people not having much time to focus on their own mental and physical health. Whether it’s with relationships, work or finances, there are many things that cause a lack of relaxation and anxiety. Many of these factors may also often be outside of our control and thus can seem like there is no way to cope.  

However, there are techniques that can cultivate a stronger mind to navigate the stressors that are causing issues. Techniques along with supplements have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to craft strong minds that can deal with the uncertainties of life. Not all techniques are designed to eradicate the feeling of stress but ensure we are capable of dealing with the thoughts and feelings effectively.” 



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