Data Driven Salon Summit

Can You Predict When A Client is Likely to Leave?

At the Data-Driven Salon Summit, SALON TODAY catches up with Phorest Salon Software's Ronan Perceval and found out how they track data to predict when a client is more likely to leave your salon.

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Salon Owners Connect, Compare and Grow at Data-Driven Salon Summit

The Data-Driven Salon Summit hosted by SALON TODAY and ZeeZor amassed leading salon and spa owners in Atlanta in late May. The summit inspired attendees to grow their businesses by analyzing their performance data and sharing best business practices.

Must-Read Books for Building Your Salon's Culture

At the Data-Driven Salon summit, Neatbeat's Heather Yurko moderated the Culture Club panel, where salon owners dished on their best-practices related to their salons' culture.

What Makes a Good Salon Manager?

During the Manager Match Game panel during the Data-Driven Salon summit, dynamic salon owners and their managers share strategies for recruiting, training and retaining talented managers.

How Data Will Shape The Future of Salon Ownership

Before hitting the stage at the Data-Driven Salon Summit, Emory University’s Benn Konsynski, Ph.D., gives us a glimpse at the technological capabilities that are emerging and how that can impact salons.

Shopping Van Michael for Business Inspiration

After hearing Van Michael speak at Serious Business and the Data-Driven Salon Summit, salon owner Jennifer Bellau Baudier mystery shops one of the Van Council locations in Atlanta and comes home with a list of management ideas.

Data Stories from the First Data-Driven Salon Summit

At the first Data-Driven Salon Summit, salon owners dig deep and share the stories of how they use data in their businesses, helping all owners to grow.

Data Stories: Breaking Down the Numbers

In his class on reading P&Ls at Data-Driven Salon, World Class Salons' Jim Pacifico talks about how he breaks down the numbers so his team can follow them easily.

Presence AI Transforms Voice Conversation Over the Phone for Salons

This technology can take a texting conversation and reply with artificial intelligence, making communication easier between clients and salons.

Data Stories: Keeping Score to Do More

At the Data-Driven Salon event, Van Council, co-owner of the Van Michael Salons and Spas in Atlanta, shares how he leverages data for everything, including helping team members and salon locations achieve goals and reach new compensation levels.