A group shot of the coaches and consultants who gave Ted Talk-style presentations at the 2019...

 A group shot of the coaches and consultants who gave Ted Talk-style presentations at the 2019 Data-Driven Salon Summit. 

Successful salon owners knows that when it comes to business, it’s best not to go it alone. In the 2019 SALON TODAY 200, 55 percent of owners reported they have worked with a professional business coach or consultant in the past three years. 
To help owners and managers learn about the different focuses and capabilities of a variety of salon advisors, SALON TODAY hosted a Coaches and Consultants Showcase at the Data-Driven Salon Summit held in May in Atlanta. Each coach prepared a short TedTalk-style presentation and we recorded each one to create this virtual guide:

Bonnie Bonadeo
Speaker, coach, author and radio host Bonnie Bonadeo shares her take on building a successful brand. She says her main role is to support others in connecting with themselves, so they can be the best brand, leader and contributor possible. While vision, mission and culture are great to have internally, leaders need to make sure that those aspects externally support the clients or customers they want to attract. That’s where brand comes in, she says. The purpose of a brand, she explained is to build and attract customers.


Zan Ray and Tom Collins
Professional athletes have coaches, business professionals have coaches and successful hairdressers and salon owners have coaches. But, Zan Ray and Tom Collins believe even coaches need coaches. They strive to be their best by continually educating themselves with teachings from internationally recognized sources. Together, Ray and Collins have 100 years of collective hairdressing business, project and financial experience. Take this opportunity to meet them and see how they can help your salon business.


Ronit Enos, Salon Cadence
Ronit Enos, a business strategist and performance coach, shares three secrets to being a successful entrepreneur – Clarity of personal, financial and professional goals; Wealth, including an understanding of numbers and how to build profit; and Freedom. Enos stresses you need to become the CEO of your company, not just your chair. Meet Ronit Enos and find out how Salon Cadence can help you grow your salon business.


Deb Hunt, Salon Spa Business Solutions
Deb Hunt, president, consultant and trainer of Salon Spa Business Solutions, shares the importance of having someone on your team. Hunt believes information and pieces of paper won’t help you grow, but people will--that's why one-on-one coaching can be really helpful to salon owners. Hunt encourages owners to stop waiting and just do what they need to do. Meet Deb Hunt, and find out how Salon Spa Business Solutions can help you grow your business.


Lucas Renfroe, Salon.marketing 
Lucas Renfroe, co-founder of Salon.marketing, shares how his business began and how it can help salons get new clients. Lucas teaches salon owners about the benefits of having a solid digital strategy, and he believes having one can revolutionize a business, like it did for him. Knowing the numbers is half the battle, Lucas says. Meet Lucas Renfroe, and find out how Salon.marketing can help you grow your salon business.


Randi Rose, Thrive Business Services
Randi Rose, co-founder of Thrive Business Services, shows salon owners how cloud-based bookkeeping helps growing salons. She shares tips on how bookkeepers can help salons understand how different technologies can work together, so time can be spent on high payoff and high value activities. Meet Randi Rose, and find out how Thrive Business Services can help you grow your salon business.


Karla Lopez-Martinez, Beauty Backbone
Karla Lopez-Martinez, co-founder of Beauty Backbone, shares how the company aims to align beauty and business. She focuses on five areas, including leadership, finance, operations and culture, that salon owners need to be able to balance to give their salons sustainability year after year. Meet Karla Lopez-Martinez and find out how Beauty Backbone can help you grow your salon business.


Jason Everett, High Performance Salon Academy
Jason Everett, owner of High Performance Salon Academy, shares how learning can be fun. Everett and his team have found that three areas in a salon are vital to success. Attracting, keeping and delivering to both guests and staff are vital. Everett believe it’s not about the information, it’s about the implementation, which is why taking action is important. Meet Jason Everett and find out how High Performance Salon Academy can help you grow your salon business.


London Curtis, Salon Scholar
London Curtis, owner of Salon Scholar, a fully managed training system for new hires, explains the benefits of investing in team members' careers. Through Salon Scholar, new hires can ask questions in real time through four months of training with regular skill reviews. Meet London Curtis, and find out how Salon Scholar can help you grow your salon talent.


Steve Gomez, Steve Gomez Business Coaching
Stephen Gomez, owner of Stephen Gomez Business Coaching challenges audience members to think about “what if” questions, including what if the whole team was involved in key decisions? What if retail dollars were in a savings account? What if you went on vacation with no salon work or interruptions? Gomez believes business coaching is designed to help salon grow sales, but most importantly it’s about helping people. Meet Stephen Gomez, and find out how Stephen Gomez Business Coaching can help you grow your salon business.


Kristi Valenzuela, Salon Summit Business Center
Kristi Valenzuela, an international speaker, author and director of marketing and sales for Summit Salon Business Center, explains the benefits that Summit offers through various programs. Whether it be The Summit three-and-a-half-day program to 15 kinds of seminars offered coast to coast, the Summit Salon Business Center aims to help salons grow from the front desk and beyond. Meet Kristi Valenzuela and find out how the SSBC can help you grow your salon business.

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