10 Ways Salon Cadence Will Change Your Business and Your Life

January 14, 2019 | 4:00 AM
Salon Cadence founder Ronit Enos hopes to change the lives of women entrepreneurs by sharing her own hard-won experience.
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Amy Roland found clarity and understanding of her role as a leader after working with Salon Cadence.
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Anna Walsh (seated with her team) says her business has grown 35 percent since working with Salon Cadence.
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Shelley North (seated, center, shown with her team) benefitted from many of Salon Cadence’s turnkey offerings, like a complete hiring manual.
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Ronit Enos is a force of nature. The award-winning salon owner, Israeli army veteran and passionate dreamer and doer conquers anything she sets her mind to, including running the Boston-area Maxime Salon that consistently set industry standards for more than a decade. Now she has turned her considerable knowledge and energy to a new venture. Salon Cadence is a solutions-oriented consulting and coaching organization that promises to transform businesses…and lives!

Here are 10 ways salons who have worked with Salon Cadence say the experience can impact you for the better.

You’ll Implement Systems that Free You
In the Israeli army, Ronit saw first-hand the value of implementing systems and procedures, and it was a lesson she never forgot. “In the army, details and systems are everything,” she declares. “If you don’t follow procedure, someone’s life is at risk!” Salon Cadence provides the systems and procedures that give you the freedom you need to really grow your business. “I struggled with all the hats I was wearing,” remembers Amy Roland, owner of A Roland Salon in New Cumberland, PA. “Now I have been able to remove myself from behind the chair and use that energy to create the salon of my dreams.”

You’ll Define and Attain Your Goals (Not Someone Else’s)
“My business has grown 35 percent in the past year,” says Anna Walsh, owner of Lola Hair Studio in Cambridge, MA. “And rather than forcing me to implement ‘one-size-fits-all’ systems, Ronit took a dynamic approach to understanding and working with the way my business runs.”

You’ll Work Hard…but the Work Will Be Meaningful
Salon Cadence’s core, six-month program is not for the faint-hearted. There are bi-monthly phone and video meetings and lots of assignments and studying in-between. According to Shelley North, owner of Glow Beauty Boutique in Boston, the program requires a commitment, but it’s a commitment worth making because you’ll get results. “Everyone in my company grew their businesses this year,” she says. “Even technicians who have been with me for 16 years. My mid-level people saw double digit increases. Even my top earner jumped five percent!” Adds Amy Roland, “Salon Cadence requires you to commit to change, but if you want freedom and confidence in your business, do it and don’t look back. It’s not easy but I have never been prouder of myself and that is an accomplishment!”

You’ll Spend Your Money on Knowledge, Not Hotel Rooms
One of the biggest complaints about business-building education is it requires large expenditures in travel and once you return home, you don’t always remember everything you learned, or you aren’t able to implement that information. Salon Cadence programs allow you to work online—no need to book a flight or hotel—and the support is ongoing. “The groups are small and very focused,” says Ronit. “We set you up for success from the very beginning, and we adapt to your needs every step of the way.”

You’ll Conquer Your "Monkey Mind" Once and For All
Busy, intelligent, creative entrepreneurs (hello, salon owners!) often fall prey to what Ronit terms “the monkey mind.” You jump from one idea to another, from one promotion to another. “You buy another coaching series, another conference, another book hoping to find the magic pill that will deliver you to the promised land of money,” says Ronit. “But even though you’re jumping from branch to branch, you’re not getting closer to the best banana!” Salon Cadence promises to cut through the clutter, focus on what’s  essential and quiet that time- and energy-sucking monkey mind once and for all!

You’ll Meet Experts Who Can Help
Ronit understands how critical it is to have a solid network of experts, and she constantly vets and aligns with pros who can help her coaching clients. Need an HR professional, an accountant, a bookkeeper, a technology wizard? Ronit can connect you! “She’ll research hundreds of companies and come back with solid recommendations,” says Shelley, who also serves as a Salon Cadence coach. “Plus, she’ll often obtain discounts for Salon Cadence members. It saves us so much valuable time and money!”

You’ll Stay Ahead of the Curve
The salon business—like all businesses these days—changes by the minute. So it’s crucial to keep up!  “Luckily, Ronit is a lifelong learner,” says Shelley. “She loves technology, she loves knowing new things, she’s curious and current. And she takes you along and exposes you to people and ideas you would never find on your own!”

You’ll Find A Community
“When I owned my salon, I fell down, I messed up, I figured it out,” says Ronit. “But it took years of sacrificing my relationships with my husband, my kids, myself. Now my goal is to be the partner I never had, and to provide people with the answers to what’s right for their businesses in the most efficient way.” Agrees Shelley, “Salon Cadence is a non-competitive, non-judgmental community. Everyone shares. We help each other. We build relationships. That’s unique.”

You’ll Discover the Importance of the Mind/Body Connection
“A lot of consultants miss this,” says Shelley. “You can have all the goals in the world, but if you’re not exercising, meditating, eating right, breathing, taking an hour in the morning to write in your journal and map out your intentions for the day, your mind and body aren’t working together. When your mind and body are working together, you achieve synchronicity and you manifest what you need with intention.”

You’ll Get a Life…and a Future
“Success is not making six figures,” declares Ronit. “Success is having a company that can almost run itself. That’s what gives you the freedom to do what you want. To keep it, close it, sell it, give it to your kids or just sit on the beach without worrying and still make money. That’s the ultimate dream and our goal is to give you choices you never thought you would have.” She adds, “I ran a salon for 17 years, now I’m helping entrepreneurs to be profitable, enjoy money and enjoy their lives.”

Take the first step and schedule a discovery call with Ronit. It’s free! 


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