2015 Coaches and Consultants Guide: Group 3 Marketing

Stacey Soble | November 4, 2014 | 10:19 AM
Bart and Phyllis Foreman, owners of Group 3 Marketing.  |  952-475-3269  |  [email protected]  |  Owned by: Bart and Phyllis Foreman

Group 3 Marketing helps salon owners improve their business by transforming their passive POS system into a powerful digital marketing machine. CONNECTPlus™ is a unique marketing system that delivers the RIGHT message through the RIGHT channel to the RIGHT Guest at the RIGHT time. We call it trigger-based marketing, and the result is improved guest retention and increased sales.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We’re marketing technologists. Something is happening in your salons every day and the old one-message-fits-all marketing models are out of date in the digital age of NOW! We’ve reinvented salon marketing with our right time model that puts your guests at the heart of your business.

HOW WE WORK: We begin by understanding your marketing pressure points. Then, we put our marketing strategies, analytics and tactics to work to begin influencing the next visit and sale by using key triggers in your POS database to interact with your guests, influence the next sale and impact your top and bottom line. Our system is almost real time, 100-percent web-based and flexible to let the salons dictate the parameters that best follow their marketing objectives. (But don’t be surprised if we offer marketing suggestions to go with the analytics we generate because we are committed to helping you get the most out of the program.)

CATCH US AT: Our whiteboard, creating a new marketing program for a client almost every day. You’ll also find us at all the major beauty shows.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t take your guests for granted. When a satisfied guest leaves your salon she’s a free agent. Notably, 70 percent of a salon’s new guests do not return which is why your marketing should begin when she walks out the door. Your everyday marketing retention tactics will influence her to return.

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