Managing Your Brand through Covid-19 and Beyond
Managing Your Brand through Covid-19 and Beyond

Regardless of the size of impact, no business is safe from the concerns surrounding Covid-19. As this crisis unfolds, we'll all have to adjust and react to a new normal until life once again settles and the Coronavirus is somewhat stabilized. 

In order to navigate these waters safely, we need to develop strategies to be proactive as often as possible, yet be able to react to changing situations.

Prepare for what could happen. The more scenarios you consider, the more capable you'll be to cope with them if they arise. Think about the things you cannot control such as school closures, public transportation, affected staff, client cancellations or even the general need for the public to feel safe.

Communicate. Don't bury your head in the sand. Stay in touch with your employees and your clients to let them know what you're doing and how you intend to protect and serve their needs as time goes.

Follow Safety Standards. The CDC and your local health department, among others, have ample protocol available for weathering the storm. Let the public and your staff know you're following these protocols.

Help when you can. The community is likely going to need all the support it can attract. Even if this support is simply a positive attitude. 

When it come to the Coronavirus or any other crisis, it's extremely important to have a plan. In this case, a true pandemic plan is worth putting into place. If your pandemic plan isn't needed today or tomorrow, or even next month, you will have a head start whenever it truly is needed. Be prepared, and you are ahead of the game. 

When this crisis subsides, life will go on. How you respond during the crisis will set the stage for your future.

About the Author: Zane Hagy is a PR and marketing professional, with a focus on the beauty industry and premium products. When it comes to the world of beauty, Zane’s niche is simple solutions for complex problems. Experience includes salons, schools, product lines, and individual artists. His agency, z11 communications, has also represented Intercoiffure America Canada since 2014. Email him at or visit

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