Be a Black Sheep

Jose Francisco Morales

It’s not a negative trait to be someone who doesn’t fit in with the rest of a group. 

How many people have gone down in history for being just like everyone around them? 

How many people owe their success to doing everything exactly the same way they’ve always been done?

It’s okay to follow along at times, and to blend in. It’s great to learn lessons from those that have stepped out before you. But don’t think you have to join the herd and follow along, just because there are other sheep out there doing things the way they’ve always done them, the ways that have always worked.

Don’t confuse copying from others with learning from others. One of the fastest paths to failure one can follow is to simply do exactly what they see around them, because those things have already been done.

When we think of the people and brands that have inspired us along the way, each have something dramatic that made them stand out. Rather than simply doing things the same old way, they forged new paths and found a way to shine.

When it comes to your own brand and services, don’t be afraid to be a black sheep, a deviant. Go your own way and shake up the system. Speak with your own language and tell your story your way, and stand out.

If those around you aren’t questioning you and raising their eyebrows a little, you may be following others just a little too closely.

About the Author: Zane Hagy is a PR and marketing professional, with a focus on the beauty industry and premium products. When it comes to the world of beauty, Zane’s niche is simple solutions for complex problems. Experience includes salons, schools, product lines, and individual artists. His agency, z11 communications, has also represented Intercoiffure America Canada since 2014. Email him at or visit

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