Make Every Drop of Color Count with Vish Front Desk

Vish is pleased to announce the release of the latest component of its color business management app--Vish Front Desk.

Vish Front Desk provides front desk staff with real-time updates of the services performed in the salon. All services mixed at the color bar are communicated automatically to the front desk. A digital ticket provides an accurate price breakdown for the services performed and product used. Anytime a guest needs more product than the recommended amount (i.e. more than 40g of color for New Growth Service), change in service code (i.e. mini-highlights to full-highlights), or additional services (i.e. toners, treatments, etc.), Vish Front Desk ensures all services are accurately charged and no revenue walks out the door.

Vish Front Desk will help revolutionize the hair color industry, allowing salon owners to track extra product charges, calculate cost per service and adjust pricing to increase profitability. Colorists benefit too, allowing them to capture missed services and eliminate guesswork when it comes to pricing. Most importantly, both salon owners and colorists can operate knowing they are making every drop of color count.

Vish has been delighted with the customer feedback to date. Hearing from salon owners from all over North America, the story has been consistent; owners are capturing all hair color services and ensuring guests are paying consistent prices.

Tiffany Boyd, Director of Operations at Posh Salon in Williamsburg, VA, says, “Vish has provided us with real time data for all of our in-the-moment coaching opportunities. It has eliminated all the gray area when we speak to our stylists about how they are correctly or incorrectly charging clients. The same can be said if clients question how we charge them. Our data is just that much more specific and we love it!”.   

About Vish: Vish Ltd. is a color business management software company based in Toronto, ON, Canada.  Vish was created to help salon owners and colorists solve the universal problems facing the hair color industry.

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