Meet as Strangers, Leave as Friends

Today, all of us are part of the touchscreen generation. As a result, we have fewer face-to-face interactions and our people skills are eroding. 

There is absolutely no greater skill that can be acquired and constantly worked at, and which can have a bigger impact on us personally and professionally, than the ability to build an instant rapport with others, whether they are an acquaintance, customer, co-worker or a total stranger. No where is that skill more important than in the salon, a place where customers expect personal, human interaction. 

In his first TEDx Talk, customer service guru John DiJulius walks you through the FORD method that he and his team use at John Roberts Spas in Northeast Ohio. "If you know two or more facts from someone's FORD, you not only have a relationship, you own the relationship," DiJulius. "Because to each of us our FORD are our most important things. When you can you FORD techniques to keep the conversation on someone else, that's when the power really happens."

Watch DiJulius' TEDx to find out to start gathering FORD about your clients:

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