Data Stories: Gene Juarez Proves Membership has its Privileges

A few years ago, Scott Missad, CEO of Gene Juarez Salons and Spas, analyzed spa data from the organization’s 10 locations around Seattle and calculated that the average spa customer only visited 1.6 times per year. Determined to boost that frequency, Missad and his team launched the Gene Juarez spa membership program that now boasts more than 1,500 members committing to one spa service a month.

For a monthly price of $90, members have the choice of a 60-minute relaxation massage, a 60-minute body treatment, a 60-minute European facial or a combination spa manicure and pedicure. The membership services only can be booked Sunday through Friday, so they don't interfere with the already busy Saturdays in the spa. Members also enjoy 10 percent off any additional spa services an 20 percent off skin care and spa beauty products.

When clients sign up for the club, they commit to six months. Their credit cards are automatically billed the first of the month, and for clients who don’t manage to make it in over the month, their service can't be rolled over.  To further boost membership sales, Gene Juarez periodically offers a seventh month complimentary when clients commit to the six-month membership enrollment.  

“Our leadership and marketing teams figured out how to make this work, and it’s been fantastic,” Missad says. “It’s guaranteed spa income each month, and the club members serve as a test market for the salon – for example, we recently launched microblading services and sent the members offers to sample the service.”

Missad will be sharing the story of his membership program along with other ideas of segmenting his market and harvesting the data to design programs that engage clients in his presentation at Data-Driven Salon, which will be held in Atlanta June 25-26. For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, visit


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