STAMP 2015: Namaste's Service Pledge

Namaste Service Pledge
Namaste Pure Design Salons
Denver, Colorado
Owned by: Rick Van De Riet and Tommy Pernell

Namaste’s service pledge started out as a salon project in which each associate wrote what standards they wanted to see in the salon and for which they wanted to be held accountable. The owners added the definition of Namaste, which means, “I honor the divine in you.” Then, they invited Imaginal Marketing to use these with Aveda’s Points of Difference in the creation of a consumer-oriented service pledge.

The resulting 10-step pledge empowers the salon team by outlining how guests should be treated during every visit. It is used to strengthen salon culture and train new hires, and it’s been incorporated into presentations for orientation and team huddles. The pledge encourages the team to go above and beyond with each guest.

The owners are currently working on a staff bingo card in which the team gets points for memorizing a portion of the pledge, and the team collects points for pointing out Namaste no-nos they observe in other businesses.

The Namaste Pure Design Service Pledge

Each and every day, our team pledges to:

  1. Clear our minds of negative thought and energy, to embrace a positive attitude--and to pass that sense of kindness and joy to our honored guests and fellow team members.
  2. Focus on guest care and comfort in all of our thoughts, decisions and deeds--remembering that they are the foundation of Namaste.
  3. Show attentiveness to all honored guests--by greeting them by name, clearly communicating all aspects of their services, and embracing their feedback with an open mind.
  4. Offer therapeutic sensory experieneces to all honored guests--including stress-relieving ritural shampoos or massages, hand treatments for those receiving color, and finishing touches upon completion of each and every visit.
  5. Maintain an immaculately clean, toxin-free, fragrant and pleasant salon and spa environment--for our honored guests and ourselves.
  6. Show our gratitude to our honored guests by thanking them throughout their visit--and humbly asking for their trust by referring their family and friends to us.
  7. Empower ourselves to find a solution to every problem--and that we will own and solve every difficulty we encounter.
  8. Seek pleasure in learning--and to enthusiastically continue our professional education.
  9. Act as guardians and caretakers of Namaste--and to discourage negative thoughts, words, and actions about our team and our honored guests. We pledge to care for and support our fellow team members at all times.
  10. Embody the high-quality expert services we provide at Namaste--through tasteful, professional dress and demeanor, impeccable hygiene, and a fashion-forward personal appearance.

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