Calm, A Salon's Eryn Harrison and Heather Jassem recruit clients to be models in a photo shoot...
Calm, A Salon's Eryn Harrison and Heather Jassem recruit clients to be models in a photo shoot which was conducted to create art for the salon's walls. (photo credit: Ginger Fierstein)Ginger Fierstein

Eryn Harrison, owner of Calm, A Salon in Oakland, CA believes that “doing hair and makeup” is an artistic form so what better way to showcase her stylist talents than using another artistic medium – photography – to enhance the décor of the salon.

Harrison’s Artistic Director, Heather Jassem, developed the concept for the shoot to ensure the art was a reflection of the salon and its talented staff. The photography was client-friendly so the everyday woman could relate to the photos, and the photos were works of art not just photographs of hairstyles and attractive people, typical of vendor posters. 

Jassem chose her models from clients of the salon explaining, “By using our own customers, it made it absolutely relatable to our clients because it was them—different different ages, ethnicity, coloring and types of hair.” She hired local photographer Ginger Fierstein, whose talent went beyond “taking pretty pictures” by using different techniques and both digital and traditional cameras.  To capture different looks and feels she recruited neighboring vintage store, Mercy, to dress the models and use some of their clothing for staging and backdrops.

For both Harrison and Jassem, having an environment that represents their philosophy and esthetic is very important. “It just made sense to decorate with what we do.  Though posters from suppliers are always attractive, our salon is so much more than about pretty”, explains Jassem.  

The results of doing their own photography are a stunning selection of art pieces that are an expression of the stylists; captures and extends their brand and demonstrates that “doing hair” is truly a form of art.

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