Demandforce Unveils Newest Generation of FeaturesTo help small business, such as salons and spas, stay ahead in today’s competitive world, Demandforce recently unveiled the next generation of its leading online marketing and communications software. The enhanced product, which adds recurring campaigns, as well as integration with Apple Passbook, Google Now and Bing, helps small business, like salons and spas, attract local clients, automate marketing and manage online reputation.

“As consumers increasingly turn to their computers and smartphones when deciding where to take their business, online reputation is essential for small businesses looking to attract and retain customers,” said Rick Berry, president of Demandforce. “These product updates give small businesses access to cutting-edge marketing capabilities previously only available to larger companies with dedicated marketing departments.”

Here’s a recap of some of the Demandforce’s newest features:

Intuit Local: This gives salons access to Demandforce’s 47 million connected customers. The tool connects companies to nearby customers by recommending local Demandforce merchants in other industries and by providing real-time ratings and reviews.

Recurring Campaigns: The new ‘recurring campaigns’ marketing feature helps salons save time by automating routine client communications that happen throughout the year, including appointment reminders, review and survey collection and marketing campaigns. This makes it easier for salons to use their existing data to create automated campaigns that target the right clients at the right time. And, client lists update automatically so owners only need to set it up once.

Managing Online Reviews: Nearly 90 percent of customers go online to research companies before doing business with them, making online reputation more important than ever. Demandforce has added Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, to its syndication network to help keep company information up-to-date across the web and allow more consumers to find local businesses. Clients can request appointments directly from Bing, and Demandforce automatically tracks the leads, so salons know exactly where new clients are coming from.

Going Mobile: Approximately 45 percent of today’s U.S. consumers will rely on smartphones by the end of this year, so being mobile is essential for companies who want to stay in touch with customers. Demandforce’s new integrations with Apple Passbook and Google Now automatically alert mobile customers to upcoming appointments that have been made through Demandforce.

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Demandforce, Inc., is a leading online marketing and communication software service from Intuit Inc., which helps local businesses thrive in the Internet economy using email communications, text messaging and online services. Demandforce combines an award-winning communication platform with best-in-class reputation and networking tools into one powerful Web-based application that seamlessly integrates with existing workflow systems to help build businesses a strong online reputation and leverage local network marketing.

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