The way the salon and spa makes a client feel can make a more important impression than the results of a new cut and color or a rejuvenating facial. How a guest is greeted on the phone, welcomed when they walk in the door, and eased through check out is an integral part of the service and plays and important part in whether or not the guest chooses to return.

The SALON TODAY editorial team has been gathering what we felt were some inspired salon greetings and salutations and thought we’d share:

When guests call at the Aveda Institutes in Denver, Provo or Tucson—all owned by Dale Lemonds—they are greeted by the same sunny greeting: “It’s a great day at Aveda, how can I make you smile today?

At Lavish Color Salon in Cleveland, Ohio, Owners Tracey and Anthony Cirino customize how the front desk answer the phones each month. For example, here's what they used in February for Valentine's: "Love is in the hair at Lavish Color Salon, this is Megan, how may I assist you?"

At Bella Salon and Day Spa in North East, Pennsylvania, owners Darlene Youngs, Cheryl Phillips and Stephanie Dowd, acknowledge that clients have a choice with their scripted greeting: “With all the choices you have, we truly appreciate you choosing us.”

Bryan Nunes of Blo in Raleigh, North Carolina believe it’s also important you know whom you speaking with, so he includes the name of the greeter in the script: “Thank you for choosing Blo, this is Tiffany. How may I assist you today?”

Guests calling into Studio Be Salon in Fort Collins, Colorado, are greeted by an auto-concierge designed to educate and entertain, says Owners Ian and Beth Weber: "We get tons of compliments on our phone system and are always thinking of ways to keep iit fresh. Give it a call right now (970-416-0400) and press 4 for a complimentary blowout or 5 for an instant confidence booster." (Editor's note: Go ahead and give it a call, we got Ian and Beth's permission.)

Jackie Manici, co-owner of Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa in Woburn, Massachusetts, says new guests to their salon are surprised by two things: “When they arrive, they see their names posted on our Welcome Board, and they are offered a latte, cappuccino or tea. Guests have actually posted on City Search about how special this makes them feel.”

At Salon Allure in Huntsville, Alabama, manners and etiquette are paramount, says Owners Michelle McGough and Paula Lecher: "We are Southerners, and 'Yes, Ma'am' and 'No, Ma'am' go a long way here. This tradition implies manners and respect for one another. We require our employees observe this tradition through their words and deeds, and our customers smile when they are treated with this time-honored deference."

Katy Gassaway and Jentry Petzold, owners of The Black Cat Salon & Spa in Kailua, Hawaii, says one of the most unique things about their salon is their hellos and goodbyes: ""Whenever anyone walks into or out of our salon, everyone, including everyone at the front desk and all the stylists, even those with clients, takes a moment to greet them or thank them. Our friendliness has actually startled some people!"

Once in the salon, staff at Blu Salon Aveda in Arcadia, California, Owner Kim Hansen offers both a unique greeting and a parting gift: “Our guests are greeting with a smile, hot scented towels, cups of comforting tea, or if it’s cocktail hour—Blue’s Cocktail of the Month. Within 48 hours of the service, clients are contacted and asked how they are enjoying their new look and offered a complimentary blowout to enjoy in the next two weeks.

At Omagi Salon and Spa, in Louisville, Kentucky, owner Marian Sang also has a surprise for new clients: “During the salon and spa tour, guests are invited to enter their name into a drawing for a free service which is given away once a month.”

Patrick and Roberta Heaney make sure guests enjoy visits to Mango Salon in Richmond, Virginia, with their Mango Concierge: "Using mobile technology, the Concierge helps guests pre-pay and re-book while still in the chair, saving them valuable time. This convenient service also helps them arrange local lunch or dinner deliveries or that Starbucks drink they didn't have time to grab on the way in. This additional value-added luxury ensures guests have everything they need to enjoy their service."

Staff at Centre Salon and Spa in Westminister, Colorado, pride themselves on being on time, but on the rare occasion when a stylist is running behind the front desk staff intervenes before the guest starts to fret, say Owners James Pacifico and Cathy Schafer: “We apologize for the wait time, thank them for their patience and give them a Service Recovery Card which can be used for a complimentary service on their next visit.”

Following the guest’s service at Charisma Inner Beauty in Wichita, Kansas, owners Robin and Bob Wolfe have an inspired way of following up: “To show our guests how much we appreciate them, our service providers are required to send a postcard to each new client. To connect the client to the experience they had in the salon, we spray the postcard with the Chakra Balancing Mist the client chose to experience during their service.”

New guests to Eric Fisher Salons in Wichita, Kansas, also receive a special surprise: “To monitor the quality of the client experience we email new guests a thank you with a video-taped message from owner Eric Fisher and a link to complete a survey.”

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