Dawna Jarvis is a seasoned business and media strategist, specializing in elevating beauty...

Dawna Jarvis is a seasoned business and media strategist, specializing in elevating beauty professionals into industry leaders. 

In the fast-paced world of salons, where precision and customer service intersect, the unity and dedication of your team are crucial. If you're experiencing issues with team dynamics or noticing a high turnover rate, the problem might not lie with the capabilities of your team but with the style of leadership they are under. Understanding the difference between acting as a mere boss versus being a true leader can significantly impact fostering a committed, loyal team. 

The Boss Mentality in Salons

In numerous salons, there's often a figure who embodies the traditional idea of a boss--someone who issues orders rather than engages in dialogue, demands obedience over understanding and prioritizes immediate results over the personal and professional development of their team. This boss-centric approach can lead to an environment where doing just enough to get by becomes the standard, personal growth is overlooked and innovation is quashed. 

Embracing the Leader Approach

In stark contrast, a leader in the salon environment is someone who uplifts their team, drives them toward excellence and supports them through challenges. A true leader recognizes the unique potential within each team member and cultivates an atmosphere that encourages growth, learning and innovation. They focus on forging strong relationships, promoting open communication and leading by example, showing that success comes from a united effort and mutual respect. 

The Impact of Leadership on Salon Dynamics

The style of leadership can profoundly affect the atmosphere of a salon. A boss-focused approach may breed a culture of anxiety, where the fear of making mistakes kills creativity and discourages team members from sharing ideas or concerns. This not only damages morale but can also hinder the salon's ability to evolve and stay relevant. Conversely, a leader creates a positive, supportive space that encourages teamwork, creativity and a collective mission. 

The Path to Becoming a Leader in Your Salon

Transforming from a boss to a leader is a a process that requires self-reflection, commitment and a readiness to change. Begin by engaging more and instructing less, concentrating on the development of your team. Establish clear, attainable objectives, provide the necessary support to achieve them and celebrate your team's victories together. By embracing a leadership style that emphasizes growth, teamwork and respect, you can foster a salon culture that not only attracts but retains top talent. 


At the heart of a successful, innovative salon team is the type of leadership guiding it. To build a team that is skilled, loyal and motivated, it's critical to rise as a leader, not just act as a boss. By nurturing an environment where your team feels respected, supported and inspired, you'll unlock their greatest potential and steer your salon toward a future marked by success and innovation. Remember, the journey from boss to leader starts with you. Embrace the change and watch as your salon becomes a symbol of excellence, collaboration and outstanding service. 

About the Author: Dawna Jarvis, a seasoned business and media strategist, specializes in elevating beauty professionals into industry leaders. Her expertise in brand enhancement and strategic positioning helps clients stand out and thrive in the competitive beauty market, even without a vast social media presence. To learn more, visit her at www.dawnajarvis.com






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