The start of each any new year presents an opportunity for positive change.  

Being a hairstylist is a physically demanding job and your overall fitness level will impact your stamina and wellness! Who’s ready to get stronger in 2024?

Here are three ways to kickstart your wellness in January:

New Year, Renewed YOU!

1. Get Started Right Away

Stamp out guilt,  judgement and labels you may have put on yourself and begin by accepting your body right where you are. Thank your body for all the amazing things it does for you automatically. 

Now, get started with setting achievable goals to look and feel your very best. Keep your goal achievable such as 20-30 mins of cardio 3-4 times per week.  

The key to making this stick, schedule the time on your calendar and show up for yourself.

Here are a few more simple fitness ideas: Purchase some free weights that are appropriate for your current level of strength and begin some easy repetitive arm muscle while winter binge watching your favorite streaming shows. You can also mix it up by trying something new, take up a new group class, like Yoga, Pilates or Dance.

New Year, Renewed YOU!

2. Choose Healthy Eating for More Energy!

Begin to track and account for your food intake and choose healthy options.

Meal prep and meal planning will not only help your waistline, but your pocketbook too! This also stops you from going through the drive-thru starving after work.

Have a healthy eating plan and you will have greater success.

New Year, Renewed YOU!
New Year, Renewed YOU!

3. Find a Fitness Partner.

Share your goals, strategies and your WHY with an accountability partner. 

Meet up for a walk, workout together, compare notes and most importantly hold each other accountable to your goals and cheer each other on!!

About the Author: Mary Wilson has been a beauty industry pro for 40 years and has contributed in many arenas including marketing, sales, education, communication and presentation skills. She has always believed the very best way to find success is to create beauty and to share your talents with your trusted clients while maintaining your own physical and emotional health. In addition to being a beauty industry leader,  Mary has been a certified yoga teacher for the past 10 years and leads wellness retreats and teaches yoga, breath work and energy healing.   Her next retreat is in March 2024 in Palm Springs, CA and its almost sold out! Learn more:

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Since launching Wilson Collective in 2019 with husband Phillip Wilson, Mary has embarked on sharing her message directly with stylist and salon owners while traveling the country in an RV and teaching and sharing the Wilson Method of Haircutting, Styling and Retailing Wilson Collective Products.


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