Lack of communication may be causing you to lose clients. Coach Dawna Jarvis' tips can help...

Lack of communication may be causing you to lose clients. Coach Dawna Jarvis' tips can help boost your retention.

As service providers, we often wonder why clients choose to leave without providing any feedback. Most of the reasons can be traced back to one key factor: communication. Here are five things your clients might not be telling you:

1. You hurt their feelings.

Working with the public requires a high degree of sensitivity and self-awareness. It's vital to read your clients' emotions and steer clear of deep-seated, sensitive topics such as religion and politics. In a salon environment, maintaining a neutral and welcoming conversation is crucial.

2. They have sticker shock.

Transparency about pricing is essential, yet it's often overlooked during consultations. When clients are left bewildered at the end of their appointment due to unexpected costs, it creates a negative experience. As Susie Geda, internationally recognized master stylist and owner of Bibo Salon in Oakland, CA, suggests, "Always ask for a budget during the consultation to avoid any surprises."

3. They don’t feel heard.

One of the most common complaints is the feeling of not being listened to. Phrases like "They just did what they wanted" or "They didn’t listen to what I said" are clear indicators of this. As a professional, it's your responsibility to ensure your client feels heard and understood. 

4. They feel disrespected.

Time is a valuable commodity, and many clients feel disrespected when it's not honored. This could be due to appointments running late or the service taking longer than initially communicated during the consultation or booking. Respecting the client's time is fundamental to building trust and loyalty.

5. They don’t feel appreciated.

Small gestures can have a significant impact on client relationships. Taking five minutes to send a thank you note or a quick text to check-in can make your client feel cherished. If a client gives you a gift, a handwritten thank you note can go a long way. Nikki Corzine, the owner of The Canyon Salon in Westlake Village, CA, shares, "We're all about the client experience, and the handwritten thank-you notes we send to new clients always seem to leave a lasting impression."

Remember, good communication is the cornerstone of great service. Being mindful of these potential issues can help you improve your relationships with clients, ultimately fostering a more successful business.

About the Author: Dawna Jarvis is a former salon owner, master stylist and business growth strategist from Los Angeles. Aside from slaying it behind the chair, Jarvis is passionate about helping business owners dominate their niche and explode their online presence. To learn more visit

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