How to Know When It's Time to Fire a Stylist

Letting go of a team member is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary in order to maintain the culture and a positive environment in your salon. Here are some things to consider before you terminate an employee.

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Dos and Don’ts When Communicating with Upset Guests

They say the key to every great relationship is communication – and handling a guest complaint is no different. It’s not ideal to have to communicate with an upset guest, yet we’ve all been there and it’s likely we’ll be there again someday. Here are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind to help you successfully communicate with upset guests.

A Clever Tool for Driving New Prospects to Your Salon

A salon owner invents a matchmaking survey that helps prospective guests make a personal connection with the salon before they walk in the door.

Ecoheads Launches Bang Face Shields

With the launch of Bang Face Shields, Ecoheads help stylists cut better bangs while improving the client experience.

Mastering the Art of Client Communication

Rosy's Jim Bower shares some communication tips to help stylists find their conversation stride with clients. Your teams communication skills can help boost sales and strengthen client loyalty.

Beauty Pulse: Why Stylists Fly the Salon Coop

Oh where, oh where do good stylists go when they leave the salon? Salon Today's most recent Beauty Pulse attempts to find out, plus owners reveal the strategies they use to retain clients.

A Salon Owner Reviews New Technology that Entertains and Educates Clients

In an exclusive interview with Salon Today, Emilio Cornacchione, co-owner of Pittsburgh's Izzazu Salon Spa and Serata discusses his experience with Smarter Lifestyle Network, a new technology that entertains, educates and markets to clients, while creating a new revenue stream for the salon.

The Contemporary Jukebox

Mood Media's new 'Social Mix' feature engages salon clients by allowing them to pick the songs that will play during their salon service. Two salons weigh in.

8 Salon Decor Ideas to Enhance the Client Experience

From DIY wall art to WIFI password displays, here are eight simple decorating ideas from Pinterest that can go a long way in making clients feel pampered and inspired.

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