Traiditional Marketing ideas like Print Ads and Television and Radio Commercials still pack a promotional punch in getting your message to your clientele.Traditional marketing is any form of marketing that uses offline media to reach an audience. Basic examples of traditional marketing include things like newspaper and magazine ads and other print ads, but there are also billboards, mail advertisements, and TV and radio advertisements.

The 2022 STAMP (SALON TODAY Annual Marketing Program) recognized 37 honorees in 21 categories. Presented in a Show-and -Tell style, these proven marketing strategies are ripe for borrowing, adapting to your own business and used in your own market.  The competition awarded marketing and promotional ideas in five overall categories: Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Campaigns, Branded Salon Materials, and In-Salon Marketing. To break it up and make these online stories a little easier to digest, we are presenting each category as a separate story. 

Here are the Honorees in Traditional Marketing


Mango Salon's print ad features a QR code offering new clients $20 off their first service--219...

Mango Salon's print ad features a QR code offering new clients $20 off their first service--219 new clients redeemed it. 

Good Hair, Good Day

Mango Salon
Richmond, Virginia
Bobbi and Patrick Heaney

Richmond Magazine is a local magazine with a high readership in Mango Salon’s desired demographic, and once a year the publication prints a popular “Sourcebook Issue,” along with its “Reader’s Choice” issue. Both are issues that readers tend to keep and use as a reference when looking for popular restaurants and service businesses. 

“Most years we are honored as a top salon in the area, and we show our support of the publications with a quarter page ad,” says Pat Heaney. “This year, we celebrated our new logo and website. Since new clients are the target market for this ad, we tried using a QR code to drive them to a special $20 offer on our website in a section of our site we feel is a good introduction to our brand.”

Since posting the offer on the site and running both ads, Mango realized 291 guests redeeming the offer. 



Fair Trade

Mensroom Salon
Portland, Maine
June Juliano

For the Mensroom Salon, the idea of producing a television commercial started percolating when Fox News and WGME contacted Owner June Juliano to see if she would be open to doing a trade—hair services for the station’s news anchors and sports broadcasters for the same value in airtime. 

“We hired a creative production team who wrote a script, filmed and edited the footage; hired a voiceover artists; and created a jingle,” Juliano says. 
For the model for the client, the salon called on one of its loyal guests who had the ‘perfect look and style’ to represent the face of the Mensroom Salon.

“Fortunately for us, he agreed. For two complimentary haircuts and an Art of Shaving sandalwood gift set, we had our man.”


Blo took advatage of a signage opportunity in their shopping center. The humorous, simple ad was...

Blo took advatage of a signage opportunity in their shopping center. The humorous, simple ad was design to catch the attention of those driving by. 


Raleigh, North Carolina
Bryan Nunes

The shopping center in Raleigh where Blo is located has eight static displays at varying locations designed to grab the attention of passing cars. Businesses within the center can pay for month-long slots that rotate throughout the center.

“After watching several quarters of ads come and go, we decided to create our banner,” says Owner Bryan Nunes. “We noticed that many of the signs contained way too much information to consume in the amount of time it takes to drive by, so we decided to keep it simple and try to get a chuckle out of people at the same time. Luckily, negative space is something we try and focus on in our branding, so this application fell right into our wheelhouse.”


Digital Marketing


Branded Salon Materials

In-Salon Marketing

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