7 Business Ideas That Will Help You Earn More Money
7 Business Ideas That Will Help You Earn More Money

As a salon owner, you know how heavy your day-to-day workload can be. From juggling your salon management responsibilities to dipping your toes into the marketing world, it can be overwhelming to brainstorm new ways to generate traffic and income. Luckily, there are a handful of ways that with just a little extra effort can increase revenue. To give you a head start, we've compiled a list of 7 ways your salon can earn more income. 

Retail products never call in sick or complain about how you are running your business! Whether you're selling in store or have a contract with a supplier where you're able to sell online, retail transactions in your salon can increase customer retention and profitability. Clients sense professionalism when leaving your salon with a product recommended by their stylist, and luckily for you, they'll come back when they need more.

Well-Developed Website (UX)
If done correctly, a well-developed website is essentially like having another employee that is working to turn online traffic into new clients. UX, or user experience, is incredibly important in creating a smooth and functioning website that directs your site's visitors to exactly what they're looking for. Whether you're building the website yourself or outsourcing these services to an expert, ensuring that your website is well-developed for a positive user experience will improve your SEO, therefore increasing your visibility. With more exposure and a well-developed website comes a higher conversion rate and more new clients!

Optimizing your salon's online presence for search engines is an easy way to ensure that you're being found online as you sleep. Whether you're establishing credibility in online directories or making sure you have a functioning website, having a strong SEO strategy (outsourcing is a great way to do this) can ensure you're gaining traffic and increasing your conversion when you're doing nothing at all. 

GMB Profile 
Creating a Google My Business listing is a local SEO strategy that gives current and potential clients information about your business, such as your location, hours, links, etc. This local marketing tool doesn't cost you a dime and once your listing is created, your visibility on web will be increased. View this as an easy way to find information about you, which increases your chances of converting leads into new clients. 

Online Booking
Offering online appointment booking is a round-about way of being a 24/7 salon. If clients can schedule an appointment with you at any time of day, whether you're open for business or not, you'll have fewer missed opportunities and fewer empty seats. You'll also be more accessible than your local competition. 

Online Gift Card Sales 
Online gift cards sell themselves, especially during high volume times of the year. Whether it's for a holiday or special occasion, clients can purchase an e-gift card for themselves or for someone else by simply sending the virtual certificate to their email. This is also a great way to make easy money in 2022, where social distancing is still encouraged and many prefer to online shop. 

Social Media
Establishing your social media presence as a salon pays off even when you are not online. Creating an optimized Instagram bio that includes your salon's contact information and location is one way to do this, as it is another way to increase your accessibility to clients. Likewise, creating a brand for yourself over time can draw in loyal customers. Customers are typically more inclined to book a service from accounts that they follow and keep up with regularly because they feel as though they are trustworthy. Social media creates a sense of familiarity and if you're consistent, it can eventually become a form of passive income for your salon. 

Managing a salon is no easy job and it can be stressful trying to find additional ways to earn income. As 2022 progresses, take a few moments out of your week to consider how you can implement these eight ideas into your salon routine. Then, get your beauty sleep.

Key Takeaways for Your Salon
Generating income while in your salon and attracting reoccurring/loyal clients can be stressful, so it's important to have multiple channels of generating income. 

Some areas to focus on when generating income in your salon are retail sales, SEO, a GMB profile, online booking, online gift card sales, a well-developed site, blogging, and social media. 

Many ways of generating more income take time to establish, but have a lasting effect. Make them a priority. 

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