iHeartRadio Reporter Taylor Burke.

iHeartRadio Reporter Taylor Burke. 

Vagaro, a comprehensive business management software for businesses in the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries, continues to evolve based on insight from industry experts. The brand, which actively encourages feedback from its users, is amplifying those industry voices even further with the launch of the new Vagaro podcast, On Point. 

The weekly podcast launched January 12th. New episodes will be released every Wednesday at 7 a.m. PST. 

In it, host and former iHeartRadio reporter, Taylor Burke, sits down with a revolving schedule of experienced pros in the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries - as well as more niche services. 

Burke explores their personal and entrepreneurial journeys while uncovering valuable industry insights from an insider’s perspective. On Point aims to educate and entertain audiences across the industries Vagaro serves. 

Listeners can expect the inside scoop on trending industry topics, tips for improving and growing their business, as well as hearing some of the funniest, toughest, and sometimes completely awkward situations their peers have encountered. 

The pilot episode with experienced hairstylist Alyssa Hare touches on her early career struggles, a relatable topic for many just starting out. Hare admits, “I couldn’t even curl my own hair when I got into beauty school, which made me a little insecure going in…I almost did drop out because I just didn’t know if I was cut out for the industry…but here I am, doing hair for 11 years now and a full clientele!” 

Host Taylor Burke says, “We wanted to create a fun, yet informational, channel where the audience can do some easy listening to become inspired on their own journeys. It’s a podcast where there's a bit of something for everyone - listeners can really relate to both the struggles and successes of our guests and business owners can also learn tips to help them improve the amazing work they do.” 

On Point is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. 

About Vagaro: Vagaro, Inc. is a leading business management and payment processing platform, and online marketplace for the beauty, fitness, and wellness industry. Service professionals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia use Vagaro to manage, market and grow their business. Consumers choose Vagaro to search for and book wellness services on any device. To learn more, visit Vagaro.com and https://sales.vagaro.com




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