Top Tips for Recruiting Beauty School Students

One of the best ways to grow your own team is to hire them right out of school and train them in your systems, but how do you get your salon in front of graduating students? Be Inspired's Kati Whitledge offers some key tips for networking with your local cosmetology schools.

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How to Get New Clients without Discounting

Be Inspired Salon's Kati Whitledge shares the power of value-added marketing in a complimentary podcast. Find out how to sign up.

Stacey Soble with Myra Irizarry

As state governments across the country initiate deregulation legislation that would remove licensing for cosmetology, new threats face not only beauty professionals, but the consumers they serve. PBA's Myra Irizarry stops by to talk about the association’s new ‘I Am’ program, designed to help professionals educate both consumers and legislators about the importance of licensing.

Stacey Soble With Oribe

As he makes big plans for his 2013 Backstage Miami event La Fama, Oribe takes a moment to talk with Stacey Soble for his very special competition to pick The One, a stylist he will choose that weekend who he will mentor for the next six months. Find out what Oribe is looking for and some of the exciting activities he has planned for The One.

Stacey Soble with Dennis Snow

Before customer service expert Dennis Snow takes the stage at PBA Symposium, he joined Stacey Soble at Business Builders to talk about what Mickey and his friends at the Disney World Company can teach salon owners about establishing superior customer service.

Stacey Soble with Frank Gambuzza and Scott Missad

In their first Profitability Project podcast, Frank Gambuzza and Scott Missad talks about the importance of clearly establishing a brand and using it to manage your salon business.

Neil Ducoff with Stacey Soble

After greeting salon owners with a Monday morning blog for three years, Strategies Founder Neil Ducoff talks about how he's going to be waking them up with words of wisdom in what promises to be another award-winning book.

Stacey Soble with Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman is an author, entrepreneur and worldwide connector, as well as the keynote speaker at this year's ISBN conference.

Stacey Soble with Red Chocolate's David Adams and Virginia Meyer

Red Chocolate is a color education company that focus as much on the business of color as it does color skills and technique. Before keynoting at Serious Business in January, Red Chocolate David Adams and Virginia Meyer stop in to talk about the competition out there for your color business and how to customize a color experience for each and every client.

Stacey Soble with Reuben Carranza

In this exclusive podcast, Reuben Carranza, CEO of P&G Salon Professional, discusses the latest science in thinning hair issues and how to initiate that delicate conversation with clients in your salon.