'Tis the Season for Holiday Sales


It seems unbelievable but the holiday season is just around the corner, and it's your opportunity to pad your 2021 year-end sales. Fingers crossed your manufacturers were able to ship you all the gift sets you ordered. If the news reports are correct about toy stores running out of stock before the holidays arrive, you may garner more gift sales than in years past. 

Here's a 'Lucky 7" list of ideas to give you a hearty holiday season in both service and retail. Not only will your salon be buzzing with activity, but your average November/December ticket will make it worth the proactive efforts you put in now.

Talk up Holiday early and often. Before the decorations go up, stylists can start asking clients about their upcoming plans as part of ordinary conversation. Will they be leaving town, hosting visitors, or spending quiet time at home? Those responses will lead to the next topic—prebooking their hair appointments to work with anticipated holiday travel and parties and making sure they’re stocked up on beauty products for trips and gifts.

Create service packages. From a Special Event hair-and-makeup package or Full Festive Makeover to a Winter Wax for lip and brow or Merry Massage+Facial, the options are endless for encouraging guests to think in terms of multiple services and add-ons. Design your holiday menu now, and post it at every station by early fall. Then highlight the menu on your social pages, and cross-promote through salon and spa staff.

Display retail packages. Your vendors do the heavy lifting for you with an inventory of eye-catching shampoo/conditioner gift duos, beautifully wrapped tools, and boxed sets in all product categories. Take it from there! Set up displays at every purchase point. Use props like sleds, snowflakes, Santa hats—you know the drill! Signage is important, too. Remind clients that they will need stocking-stuffers, teacher appreciation items, men’s grooming, and other gifts that may have slipped their mind.

'Tis the Season for Holiday Sales
'Tis the Season for Holiday Sales

Prepare to pamper. We’re all out of practice after nearly two years alone in the house, so at holiday time expect guests to walk in with stress dripping from their shoulders. A massage would feel wonderful to them. Designate a massage area with soft music, dim lighting, and a lot of understanding touch. Come up with some a la carte services at a maximum $20 price point for clients to treat themselves as they shop for everyone else. A few highlight foils, fringe trim, blowout, or paraffin hand treatment can give your guests a mood boost when they need it most.

On the flip side...respect the rush. With so much to do in such a short time, many guests will forego the pampering to get in and out as quickly as possible. Develop Holiday Express Services that cut to the chase. Just need some waves and curls? We can do that. How about a pop of fashion color? It’s fast and affordable. This is the menu that builds the ticket while communicating to clients that you truly care about their needs.

Anticipate growth. Crunch the numbers to identify your peak times, which can change during the last part of the year. Share your findings with your team to discuss staffing hours. You may decide to extend your hours by opening earlier, closing later, or adding Sunday or Monday if you’re normally closed.

Work those gift cards. You know this side of your business inside and out, but you still need a plan. Design an appealing visual for your holiday gift cards, and begin promoting gift cards verbally and online by summer’s end. Let guests know you’re excited about meeting their friends and family through the gift card route.

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