The growing stylist shortage is causing a pain point for many salon owners. Today's cosmetology school graduates are taking to Instagram to find their first salon homes, and they want to know as much about the salon's culture as they do the job opportunity. Savvy owners are rethinking their recruitment strategies. 

Sam Brocato Salon in New York recently gathered their team and recorded their thoughts for a recruitment video, and SALON TODAY recently quizzed Owners Sam and Holly Brocato them on how they did it: 

SALON TODAY: Why did you decided to make this recruitment video?

Holly Brocato: It was requested by the Aveda Institute NYC for use with Career Day. But, Sam also posted it on the salon's Facebook page. 

ST: How did you ask your team members to participate? 

Holly: We approached every SBS team member who was present on the day of the shoot. They were all willing and eager to participate. 

ST: How was it created? 

Holly: It was super simple. We create a 'set' with a ring light, microphone and chair in our back office. We also shot a few interviews on our styling floor. We asked them all the same question, "Why do you work at Sam Brocato Salon?" I shot it on my iPhone and edited it on iMovie. We added in other clips of videos to round out our story. 

ST: How much did it cost to create? 

Holly: Zero.

ST: How do you believe the video will help in your recruitment efforts? 

Holly: Because it captures simple, heartfelt and honest insight into our culture, we feel that this video will attract the candidates who are the right fit for our team. 


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