How we market post-pandemic has changed, and we have to be more involved in how we craft our message across all parts of our business.  We are being bombarded with digital, especially with so many people working from home. 

To Rise Up, we have to be thoughtful and focus on three key components of marketing:  Relationships, our Core Client and Relevant Sincere Offers


Marketing today is no longer purely transactional.  Our mission is to create a seamless experience in-store and online. 

“Servicing clients today, and tomorrow, means finding the best ways to streamline the customer experience, via technology, and by delivering the warmest, most genuine human-to-human customer experience possible. This isn’t easy. Adapting your mindset to successfully serving new and rapidly changing clients will take attention, creativity and hard work.”--Micah Solomon

This isn’t just about getting to know them personally, it’s about perfectly orchestrating wants/needs and opportunities before, during and after the client thinks about it.  Why???

  • 55% of clients trust companies less than they used to
  • 69% of clients don’t trust advertising
  • Cost of gaining a new client +50%
  • 81% of clients trust family or friends over businesses


The cost of attracting a client has skyrocketed, we can’t win trying to grab everyone.  We have to know who our core client is.  I mean think about it, you’d speak to college students, a professional man or woman, or families all a bit differently.  Dial in to which clients are your biggest opportunity to win in growth and profits.    Then, ask yourself…

  • Who is your bread & butter client?
  • What is your mission… how do you appeal to their hopes, dream and pains?
  • Use data & profile your client
  • What are their values?
  • What’s their spending attitudes?
  • What makes them excited and tick?

Posting isn’t enough, find your sweet spot and get personal, bringing their wants and needs together with your brand's culture and vibe.  Use this knowledge to target your digital & email marketing to your best client.  It’s all about how your craft your story to help them connect deeply with your brand.


Black Friday Sales don’t work.  Clients do want to be rushed, but clients are spending when they feel they are getting a great value.  Value doesn’t have to be a discount, if fact we recommend creating added value and charge more for it.   Whether it’s simplifying your color menu to an all-in approach or bundling retail or offering a gift with full-priced purchase.  Think differently.  Here are a few of our favorites…


The client divorce rate is at its highest ever post pandemic, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.  Clients are looking for something new and shiny.  By taking the time to dive into who, how and why you promote your business and services you’ll invest in the right places, stabilize your existing clientele while increasing their frequency and grow new client your business. 

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