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Malibu C's Crystal Gel Primer

Anne Moratto | April 9, 2012 | 8:23 AM

Malibu C's Crystal Gel PrimerEven the best stylists find themselves fixing hair color that somehow turns out slightly off-kilter. Designed to save serious time and prevent color goofs, Malibu C offers professionals their Crystal Gel primer for  color services. The product’s "100% vegan, wellness vitamin crystals" prep hair for color. In addition, brushing a small amount of Crystal Gel onto bleaching hair stops the oxidation during foil process allowing the hairdresser to stop the processing at the end of a service or between double processing. 

"If you do not deliberately stop oxidation, it will continue for days after the color service," says Tom Porter, President and Founder of Malibu Wellness. "Shampoo and water cannot stop oxidation. A light brushing of Crystal Gel costs pennies and will ensure that the color will not continue to process."

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