Why Establishing Zones in the Salon is Good for Business

July 30, 2018 | 10:40 AM
In the first zone at the front of the house, clients should be welcomed, given a moment to get into the mood for the service at time and have the chance to survey the retail area. (Front desk of Sirius Day Spa.)
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Comfort is key in the shampoo zone, which represents the favorite part of the service for many clients. (The shampoo oasis at Gene Juarez Salon and Spa.)
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The salon design should lead the client on a gradual transformation at they reach the treatment zone, which should be very relaxing. (A treatment room at Gene Juarez Salon and Spa.)
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If money was no option when it came to a new salon build-out or the refurbishment of an existing one, then you could spread your service areas out, each differentiated by varied lighting and changes to the flooring. But for most, such luxury is out of reach.

However, according to Josh Droegemueller, lead designer at Kaemark, one of the largest biggest manufacturers and suppliers of salon furniture and equipment in the United States, simply organizing your salon into zones will make the client journey more fluid and the working environment more amenable for your people.

Zone one: Front of House

Almost every client journey will begin in the front of house, where they will be greeted by a friendly welcome, a cool seating area and shelves heavy with tempting products to solve their every hair dilemma. It should be where all clients wait, as that makes it easier for the front of house team to be on hand to assist, especially with any queries about the products. And a short wait here will allow the client to soak up the atmosphere and get into the mood for a little bit of me-time.

“It doesn’t have to be a huge area, nor should it be a revenue-generating void,” says Droegemueller. A tighter space, fewer seats and more retail will encourage clients to browse. 

Zone two: Cutting and Coloring

The next zone, and one the client moves into seamlessly from the reception, is the cutting and color area. This is the heart of a hair salon, buzzing with activity. 

“If you can separate color from cutting, even better as that reduces clutter and allows clients to move through the space quickly, especially on a busy Saturday. But if you can’t, just make sure the area is kept tidy and the path between the stations as clear and direct as possible,” adds Droegemueller, who has led the design of hundreds of beautiful salons. “For full-service salons that don’t have the luxury of alternative route to the treatment rooms, it is essential to keep this area easy to move through.”

A generously spaced salon with room to separate color into its own zone can contrast the buzz of cutting with the calm of color. One relatively easy way to change the ambience in this area is to have quieter music.

“Away from the hairdryers, the music might sound much louder so it’s great if salons can lower the volume in this zone. The simple contrast helps capture a calm feel,” says Droegemueller. “Some salons with color zones also use this area to apply treatments, emphasizing the luxurious and beneficial aspect of what is a fairly affordable service.”

Zone Three: Shampoo

Beyond the cutting zone should sit the shampoo area, often the favorite service for many hair clients. Comfort is key here, and the space should be as separate from the bustle of the cutting zone as possible. Softer lighting, more muted colors and calmer music all help create a more cossetted feel here. Behind the basins is the ideal place to store your necessary equipment such as towels, wet and styling products, and, of course, the trash. This helps keep the cutting area as clutter-free as possible.

“Just as the kitchen is the most important part of a restaurant, the shampoo area is the most important part of a salon,” says Droegemueller. “It’s where clients feel most relaxed and peaceful, and the salons that get this right become destination salons.”

Zone Four: The Treatment Rooms

The mood between treatment zone and hair salon should be dramatically different but, if possible, the journey should be marked by gradual rather than sudden change. And it must be obstacle-free. Clients should not need to squeeze past stylists brandishing hairdryers. Positioning the rooms behind the shampoo zone, which is quieter, or upstairs, where the client climbs out of the active salon, helps to capture a more peaceful sensation.

A barrier such as a glass door can divide this zone from the rest of the salon, blocking out the hustle and bustle of hairdryers and chat.

“All areas of a salon are important to a salon's success. The ultimate goal is to make the customer feel more beautiful when they walk out than when they walked in. So the customer needs to feel comfort and satisfaction through every zone of a salon,” advises Droegemueller. “This can only be accomplished if the salon is balanced with all the tools and space necessary for each zone. This will make your stylist happy, which in turn will make your customers happy.”

About Kaemark: Based in Giddings, TX, Kaemark is one of the largest manufacturers of professional salon and spa furnishings in the country, as well as a leader in stylish, state-of-the-art salon design. It is a family-established brand, which prides itself on quality, custom designs and reliability. The group also owns five other industry brands.  Together they represent the largest portfolio of furniture and equipment in the US, allowing Kaemark to offer salons the combination of extensive choice with the expert design skills of the highly experienced  Kaemark design team. For more information visit, email [email protected] or call 877-KAEMARK to book an appointment at the showroom.

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