The Future of Social Distancing for Restrooms
The Future of Social Distancing for Restrooms

As businesses start returning to work after a long bout of closures and working from home, there is a wide range of emotions. We’ve shifted from the panic phase to the adaptation phase of this pandemic.

Business owners are faced with a daunting task and asking key questions:

  • “How can I protect and keep my customers safe, and still remain competitive?”
  • “Do I have the resources to prepare the salon for the return of employees and clients?”
  • “Will I be able to maintain a level of health and safety for employees and clients time?”

Let’s start with the basics. Restrooms.

Of course, keeping restrooms clean is especially important. But the Covid-19 epidemic has thrown a curve ball and added another problem. Enter social distancing.

Most business owners are not even aware of the lost sales or lost productivity involved with their customers or workforce using restrooms.

Standing in line waiting in front of a locked door is not only embarrassing but is in direct defiance to social distancing. It is neither healthy nor an effective use of employee or clients time. So why do it??

Now business owners can have the best of both worlds and have reason to be optimistic.The Heads Up Lock ( ) reduces the need to line up in front of the restroom. It gives the user forewarning of its occupancy status with just a quick glance at a wall mounted light. If it is red, it’s in use. If it is green, it’s available. Yes, it’s that simple.

This device is patented, affordable, ADA approved and made in the USA.  It comes in kit form which contains everything needed to install.  It can be installed by any qualified handyman. There is no soldering or special splicing of wires and requires no maintenance after it is installed.

The Heads Up Lock can be used for all single-stall restrooms, such as in commercial buildings, restaurants, manufacturing plants, coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, hair salons, medical clinics, banks, and schools to name a few.

Many business owners have noticed The Heads Up Lock increases the store shopping experience and the customers feeling of comfort and security.  It also makes it easier for the custodial staff to know when a restroom is available to clean. It’s evident that it doesn’t take long for this product to pay for itself in a short period of time.

Now business owners can do their part to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) while improving employee/customer safety, productivity, and morale. 

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