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Claim Your Yelp Page NOW

CAPTION: YELP and Headlines partnered on an event for the YELP Elite Squad

Yes, Instagram is our industry’s darling and we all understand its importance as a virtual portfolio and an engagement tool.  But don’t neglect other platforms that offer business-building opportunities such as ye olde Yelp.  How you rank on Yelp directly correlates to your search rankings on Google, according to Headlines the Salon’s Gayle Fulbright and David Linde, who presented a talk, “Have You Captured Your Yelp Business” at SALON TODAY/MODERN SALON’s Data-Driven Salon Summit.  

“Hair salons are the second most searched business on Yelp (with restaurants being first) and our Yelp has been our number one attraction for new guests,” Fulbright says. Because of their engagement with Yelp, the salon owners hosted a party, most of it paid for by Yelp, and the Yelp Elite Squad of top reviewers were invited in to sample the salon’s offerings. Glowing reviews surely followed.  


First and foremost, the two say, complete your free business page. According to Yelp, customers look at businesses on Yelp who complete their page 4x more than businesses who have not completed their page.

  • Add photos “We are in the beauty business—show your work, your space, your team,” Linde says. At least five, high-quality photos should be on your page.
  • Add video, too
  • Add your business information, tell your story.  This is a chance to talk about specialties and to show off your company culture.
  • PROOF READ and make sure your pricing is accurate, your address, your hours, phone number, urls—everything—is correct. Adjust during the holidays, etc.  Keep it up-to-date.


“All feedback is good. You can learn from negative reviews because they should be a catalyst for some internal conversations. Use criticism as an opportunity. If there is a legitimate concern expressed, public address it and explain the changes you’ll make and invite them back in.  Sometimes, it’s just a misunderstanding so state your policies, clarify and clear up an inaccuracy.”

If it reads like a rant or is false, then direct message them.  Don’t feed the beast.

Yelps says consumers are 33% more likely to upgrade their negative review when an owner responds within 24 hours.

What should you do with a great review? “Respond to them right away,” Fulbright says. “And then post it on your other platforms and share it with your team. At our huddles, our team is acknowledged for great work and we make it a big deal.” 

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Originally posted on Modern Salon