What's the Cost of Workplace Drama in the Beauty Industry?

Businesses in the United States are losing up to 816 hours to workplace drama per person each year, according to a leading global specialist in drama. However many beauty executives have long suspected that figure is much higher in this industry, where endemic drama has always had a detrimental effect on productivity, leading to dreaded walk-outs and even legal issues. But getting beyond the narrative that inspiring and retaining creative people means having to tolerate the drama can be difficult for owners and managers.

"There are lots of sources of drama in the workplace," says internationally renowned leadership expert and best-selling author Cy Wakeman, who, sponsored by Cosmoprof DBE, is speaking at this year’s International SalonSpa Business Network (ISBN) conference in Florida on May 5-7, 2019. "But the first and most destructive is ego – where individuals can’t see beyond themselves to put things in perspective. It leads to grudges, a victim mentality, judging others and being resistant to change. Good leadership should eliminate that drama by encouraging team members to see beyond their self-focused view and to accept accountability."

Wakeman is a voice of reason in the international leadership debate, not just stating what is recognized as a problem in the beauty industry, but giving clear guidelines on how to cope with a rapidly changing world and how to use good mental processes to harness energy lost to workplace drama. The list of companies she has helped includes NASA, Facebook, Google, Pfizer, NBC Universal and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  

Wakeman argues that the fast-shifting landscape of work makes it even more essential to create a positive and effective environment that enables all stakeholders to cope with, and innovate through, the changes. Nudging people to consider issues more objectively will help them recognize the challenges we all face and understand how to deal with them. Reduced in-salon drama will also cut absenteeism, improve efficiency and team retention, and make for a happier environment.

"Clients also pick up on the drama, even when it is underlying, and it erodes the peace and positive feelings they may take away from their visit, making them reluctant to return," says Wakeman, who besides advising top companies also regularly contributes to Forbes.com, The Huffington Post and Success.com. "Larger companies with various strata of management must also consider how to lessen the drama. For instance, there is no point in complaining about a new state regulation; that won’t make any difference. Instead, it’s more productive to dismiss all of the negative talk and focus the conversation on the immediate practicalities of how to comply alongside a more productive long-term initiative to lobby for change. The actual drama of complaining serves no purpose and is counterproductive."

Wakeman will be sharing her experience, research and advice with ISBN delegates on the second day of conference (Monday, May 6) with time after to take questions from the floor. Her presentation will be followed by a Facebook Live interview on Salon Today’s Facebook channel immediately afterwards.

Wakeman will be sharing her experience, research and advice with ISBN delegates on the second day of conference (Monday, May 6) with time after to take questions from the floor. Her entire presentation will be broadcast live at 10.45am EST on the ISBN Facebook Page, followed by a Facebook Live session on Salon Today’s Facebook channel immediately afterwards.  

More information: ISBN’s 2019 conference will take place at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs, FL, on May 5-7 and is open to senior leaders of multi-location businesses. The hotel is famed as a retreat where guests can watch dolphins at the beach on a private island, play golf on its stunning green or connect with colleagues in contemporary meeting spaces. The conference opens up with its traditional golf tournament or the option to take a Catamaran Cruise along Naples to meet fellow delegates at the conference. To learn more and to register for or sponsor the conference go to https://salonspanetwork.org/annual-conference/


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