Each client who comes through your door runs the same course: Enters. Interacts with your front desk. Interacts with your service professionals. Interacts with your front desk. Exits.

If the process is not cohesive, your business runs the risk of unsatisfied clients and missed opportunities for increased ticket prices, pre-booking, and more. Bridging the gap between your front desk professionals and service providers is the key to a strong team who will work together to increase your bottom line.

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Why Teamwork is Important

Every member of your team plays an important role in the success of your business. If there is a disconnect between each department, there is less opportunity for growth. Bridging the gap between your front desk professionals and your service providers is a great way for your business to function harmoniously while increasing your productivity and bottom line.

Front Desk: First and Last Connections

Your front desk is the gatekeeper to your business. It is the main point of contact for clients, and your front desk professionals provide the first impression to anyone walking through the door. Your front desk sets the tone for a client’s visit and should always assist your service professionals with keeping clients well taken care of and happy. The front desk can help build upon the relationships that service providers create with clients, ultimately increasing your client retention, frequency of visit, and average ticket price.

Client Work Tickets

The client work tickets should be printed and provided to each service provider each morning so that they can prepare for their appointments. Using work tickets as a form of communication between service providers and the front desk (i.e. product recommendations, when to schedule next appointment, etc.) can have a positive impact on your revenue.

Bridging the Gap Between Your Front Desk and Service Providers

Bridging the gap between your front desk and service providers creates greater opportunity to achieve and surpass all of your business goals. Download this useful guide for even more ways to connect your team with industry-proven strategies to become a revenue generating powerhouse.

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