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Community Thank You
Pyara Spa and Salon
Cambridge, MA
Owner: Christine Perkins

After moving to a new space after 10 years in the heart of Harvard Square, Christine Perkins wanted to remind the community of the salon’s new location. Working with the creative team at Staples, she created this direct mail piece—a high-quality postcard that invited 3,000 of its local neighbors to experience a service at a 20% discount.

“We didn’t put an expiration on this offer, as we wanted guests to come in at their leisure,” Perkins says. “But we did see a big influx at first as we offered a limited time gift to the first 100 guests.”

Perkins says the postcard performed better than expected and easily paid for its budget cost of $3,500. “It helped us to have an increase of 50% in new guests, and we’ve tracked each card that comes back to analyze if a guest has booked a future appointment, and most have!”

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