The Youth Factor Cryo Facial

On the fourth floor of the Dana Hotel in Chicago is the Spa at Dana, a boutique spa that has designed the Youth Factor Cryo Facial, which utilizes cryotherapy to foster collagen production and make skin more firm and toned.

“We are the first spa to offer this type of cryotherapy in Chicago,” says Spa Director Emily McConnell. “Our team is engaged and excited to offer advanced treatments, which helps keep morale high.”

PROCESS: “Your esthetician will first cleanse your skin,” McConnell explains. “Then they will analyze the skin, exfoliate and perform extractions if necessary. Then, for four minutes, the esthetician will perform the cryotherapy portion of the treatment. This process uses CO2 and a powerful, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum to increase product absorption, stimulate the production of collagen and result in firmer, toned skin. The esthetician will then apply a series of serums that include advanced stem cell technology and perform a facial massage with an ice-cold cooling globe.”

WHO PERFORMS THE SERVICE: Licensed estheticians


COST: $225

PRODUCTS USED: CooLifting Device and Priyana MD Skincare


TARGET MARKET: “This treatment is especially great for guests that are 35 and older because it helps rejuvenate your own hyaluronic acid production, which slows down as we age. The only contraindication is pregnancy or if someone is nursing,” McConnell says.

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