The Top Tool To Grow Your Business, #Hashtags

We’ve all heard it takes a month to form a new habit, and here we are - one month into the new year and wondering how to increase business in 2017. If you’re in on the biggest secret to building your books—ahem, social media—then there’s a good chance you’re already using the top tool to grow your business: hashtags!

 Hashtags can land a punchline on a clever post. They can unite like-minded #stylists and #salontrepreneurs. But most of all, they optimize the reach of each post. Google now recognizes hashtags as SEO search terms, bringing more digital traffic to your post - and more foot traffic to your salon!

 There’s more than one way to hashtag! Let’s focus on these four: Trending, Regional, Brand, Trade, and Trending.


Whether you’re seeking trendy looks like #MermaidHair or viral trends like #NoMakeup, jumping into a trending conversation is a great way to stay relevant and promote your brand! Learn what other stylists are trying in their salons—both globally and locally.


Speaking of local, regional hashtags can put your salon on the map—literally! Potential clients are searching for new salons, and they’re looking online. Once you’ve searched a hashtag, you can click on it to see posts. You can search for “places” or look at posts to locate geotags and find the addresses to regional salons. You can also add your own salon’s geotag so others can find you.

 Many local clients use Instagram to look for hairspiration, stylists and salons. For example, a Scottsdale stylist will get noticed using tags like #ScottsdaleHairstylist, or

#ScottsdaleHairColorist. These local tags can also help you to connect with other area-stylists and may lead to you to find local organizations—like #AmericasBeautyShow!

 You can also use your salon’s name—or your own, you #IndependentStylist!—to promote your brand. Which leads me to brand hashtags…


Brands have their own hashtags. For example, if a look was created with Wella products, stylists are encouraged to use #WellaHair or #WellaLife. Other stylists will find your post and you’ll gain visibility. This also makes it possible for the brand to find your post and share your post with their entire audience. Branded hashtags aren’t always what you’d guess. To find the specific branded hashtag, look for the brand’s verified official accounts.


Clients aren’t the only ones searching for top talent. Publications can find stylists while researching new looks and trending styles. Much like brands, trade publications have their own hashtags that readers look to for inspiration and outreach. Some trades—like #ModernSalon—even share posts by stylists and readers who use their branded tags, offering high-visibilty features to stylists on their social accounts!

 You’re nearly ready to get hashtagging—but first, a few ‘tag tips! Before you choose a hashtag, type it into the search bar to see a drop-down display of variations on that hashtag and the amount of times it’s been used. This will help you find the most popular hashtags—and it’s helpful to avoid any spelling errors! It’s always fun to see which new hashtags pop up throughout the seasons. Some of my favorites: #InstaHair, #ManeInterest, #HairdresserProblems, and the tried and true #HairStylist. Time to go out there and leave your hashtag on the Internet!


 Kelly Ehlers is the Founder and CEO of Ideas That Evoke, a social media and PR agency that was recently named one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

 Additionally, Kelly was named the Enterprising Woman of the Year in 2015 by Enterprising Women Magazine, and was a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Magazine’s “2014 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.” 

 Kelly’s rapidly growing agency works with global and domestic brands, from Elizabeth Arden skincare and cosmetics, Red Door Spa, Andis Company and Wella Professionals - to a variety of lifestyle and luxury brands, including multiple Procter and Gamble brands. The foundation of the agency is built on solving business challenges for brands, through social innovation – and has been doing so since 2009.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon