Celebrating Stylist Appreciation Day

Shortcuts Software has paid more than lip service to hairstylists this year for Stylist Appreciation Day on 30 April; the company has created a video about the joys of working in the world’s most beautiful industry.

"We wanted to support Stylist Appreciation Day in our own way, and the team decided we’d make a video to tell our clients how we feel about them," said Paul Tate, CEO of Shortcuts Software. "There isn’t a staff member at Shortcuts that hasn’t been touched or inspired by the story of at least one our clients. I can speak for my entire team when I say we are very lucky to work in such a rich, vibrant industry."

When interviewed for the video, the staff were asked to describe hair stylists in one word – with the responses ranging from ‘creative’ and through to ‘meticulous’, ‘fun’ and ‘unique’.

The common theme from the entire team was the pleasure it is to work with such passionate and compassionate craftspeople, who go above and beyond to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

"We get to talk to happy individuals who are enthusiastic about their jobs every day," added Tate. "The only people who have it better than us are the actual stylists."

For more information about Shortcuts Software, visit www.shortcuts.net.

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