3 Reasons Why Having the Biggest Book Won’t Make You Richer

When it comes to your client base, less can definitely be more. Building a busy book is critical to long-term success and stability in the beauty business; but stuffing your books full of quick and low quality appointments is doing a disservice to you, your salon and your client.

According to MiladyPro, the key is to have a consistent book each and every day you work with room for you to take on new clients. Here are three reasons you don't need to have the biggest book in the salon. 

  1. Money: Do you want 10 haircut clients at, for example, $45 each ($450) or 5 color/higlight clients at $100 each ($500)? Do you want to see 10 wax clients at an average of $20 ($200) or 5 facial clients at $50 ($250)? Building your book with a focus on high value services that have a higher price point can help you to not only make more money but have you see less people thereby spending more quality time with them and not be in “busy” mode every day.
  2. Quality: If you follow the plan described in point one you will also make a big impact on quality at the same time. You see, the more clients you have the busier you become. Having clients back to back to back can take away from the customer service experience. There’s less time for consultation, add-on services and completing the service. Not to mention, making technical mistakes because you’re in a rush or overbooking yourself. The more time you give yourself back by having less clients and higher value services, the better it is for the client and for you.
  3. Retention: When you have the time to provide the type of experience that exceeds their expectations, that “wow factor” leads directly to increased retention. Besides, if a client is coming to you for more than one service or higher value services you increase your chances of retaining them longer than with just basic services. Doing more for them helps you do more for yourself!

You can build a great business but give your clients the attention they deserve while giving yourself the type of daily experience you want to have. And, you’ll make even more money for the quality you produce!

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Originally posted on Modern Salon