Eden Salon & Spa
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owned by: Richard Hill

The team at Eden had two goals—they wanted to encourage guests to take salon selfies, then hashtag and post the images. And they wanted to appeal to a younger demographic by making the website  reflect the hip vibe of the salon.

Working with Imaginal Marketing Group, the salon set up a social media feed that pulls in Instagram images with the hashtag #EdenSalonOKC into the Instagram page on the salon’s site.

“We added a sliding homepage banner that announces ‘Our site is now starring YOU,’” Richard Hill says. “It became a natural conversation starter in the salon as team members offered to take pictures of their guests after the service and encouraged them to post to the page.”

It cost $350 to add the feed to the site, and the salon promoted it through a custom-designed email, Facebook cover and posts, and mirror talkers. In its first few months, 67 images had been posted on the feed.