A Familiar Face-book

The time has come. Although you all know our stand on social media at work (an ESSENTIAL, duh!), up until this point there have been many businesses who have continued to hold out, and not allow employees to utilize Facebook during the workday. But the secret is out, and Facebook is making the move into the office.

 ‘Facebook at Work’, is a platform that brings the ease of social into the workplace collaboration. Ummm, say what? Basically, a separate website will look and act exactly like Facebook, but will be used solely in the work place – to message, share, and pass project information back and forth with the ease of your oldest social friend!

Okay, but how is this different than email, Google Drive, or any of the other collaboration tools that they’ve tried to get us to use?

‘Facebook at Work’ has one main attribute that will make it popular with your stylists that no other tool has had to date – familiarity. No confusing software to learn, nothing that looks like some crazy corporate torture from the 90s, it’s just Facebook! Facebook believes that running this site exactly like the social platform we use on our own every day will rid of the learning curve that proves to be most other tools downfall.

Just think, your stylists log in when they come in for the day, or maybe there will even be an app, where they can chat during off hours, or on the weekend! It takes dedication to finally convince the good ‘ol boys that it’s time to bring in the big ‘F’! Thoughts are that it will roll out publicly sometime within the next few months.

Pause: A Salon Owner’s thoughts: How will this help my bottom line?

Play: Increased communication, ease of sharing and testing ideas/images – need we say more? Great ideas come from great collaboration, and this is looking to be the biggest step toward collaboration business has taken in years.

And it comes in the form of a familiar face.

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