Spafinder Wellness 365, the world’s largest network of spas and wellness locations, and Wellness for Cancer, the first organization to establish standardized, objective, cancer-focused training and business criteria for the wellness industry, have announced a partnership that will serve as a bridge for the millions who have experienced or are living with cancer, and the wellness providers who seek to serve them, but may have lacked the training to do so properly.

According to the partnership, which was announced at the International Spa Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas, members of Spafinder Wellness 365’s global partner network who would like to provide services to those affected by this illness can apply for “Cancer Aware” Basic or Comprehensive Certification through Wellness for Cancer at Once a business or practitioner is verified, it will be identified as a “Cancer Aware” provider on, allowing people to easily find qualified wellness providers who can offer safe, effective services, such as therapeutic massage and manicures.

“The ultimate objective of this new relationship is to help those living with cancer—including friends, family and co-workers—to easily find ‘Cancer Aware’ wellness locations with confidence,” said Mia Kyricos, chief brand officer of Spafinder Wellness, Inc. “We hope the industry will join us in recognizing the vital importance in bringing wellness to those who need it most.”

In addition, special training programs will be offered at or below cost by Wellness for Cancer instructors to Spafinder Wellness 365 partners who would like to increase their level of comfort and confidence in delivering safe and nurturing services for this clientele. The non-profit organization offers a flexible, cancer-focused educational platform, including solutions to train multiple staff and departments.

Spafinder Wellness 365 is also launching a new line of “I Care” eGift Cards at, which can be used to give the gift of nurturing to friends, family and co-workers who are in need of relaxation and comfort. “Cancer Aware” partners and Spafinder Wellness 365 Network locations will be eligible to accept the gift cards, and a percentage of proceeds for the sale of each “I Care” eGift Card will be donated to the Wellness for Cancer educational fund.

The new network combines the expansive reach of Spafinder Wellness 365 in the wellness space with the depth of training and certification provided by Wellness for Cancer, which was founded to help those who seek crucial expertise and informed options. The partnership gives the wellness community an opportunity to reach members of this vast group, who are looking to lead healthier lifestyles and decrease the stress and anxiety associated with cancer. Those with cancer (present, or in remission) make up a broad segment of the population: 15 million people in the U.S. alone.

Accompanying the network will be an outreach campaign that extends to the ribbon rainbow of cancer organizations, including educational programs and events. 

“For anyone touched by it, cancer is not a one-month issue; it’s all year round,” said Julie Bach, executive director of Wellness for Cancer. “We are excited to partner with Spafinder Wellness 365 and help educate and qualify an army of wellness providers, making it easy to find them on”

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