Eric Fisher's Three Non-NegotiablesIn every business, there are team members who represent the first contact with the guest, either by phone or in person. How the guest feels about the business is often based on how these team members answer the phone or greet the guest.

“Guest Services” is the first and the last contact for the guest. Guest Services employees are the heartbeat of the salon. The gatherers of information. The purveyors of good will and great feelings.

Guest Services Representatives are our gatekeepers. They can be positive facilitators who say, “Yes, let me what I can do,” and “What would you like?” Or, they can be obstructionists to hospitality by saying “No,” “Maybe,” “I can’t,” “We’re booked up,” and “Sorry.” Positive facilitators check and double-check to make things happen right. They never tell the guest what they can’t do, only what they can do. They make people feel good, regardless of the outcome.

Eric Fisher's Three Non-NegotiablesThree Non Negotiables for Guest Services

ONE: Smile and make eye contact with every guest—even if you’re on the phone

TWO: Use the client’s name at least 3 times.

THREE: End every conversation with “Is there anything else I can do for you, (insert name)?”

A world renowned hair stylist and industry innovator, Eric shares his time between Eric Fisher Salons, and Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas, and traveling with Aquage as a platform artist and educator. Eric recently founded Prosper U. Prosper U is a Business Training Program designed to educate beauty professionals and future professionals. The program is a complete guide on how to be a success in the beauty industry. It combines Eric’s 30 years of knowledge into fun and easy-to-learn lessons. A master of his craft with a rare combination of artistic and business leadership, Fisher is known for his legendary service and wearable hair styles. Here, Fisher gives us a sample of his book, Enlightened Hospitality. Learn about and shop for all of Fisher’s books and CDs at

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