Social Media at The Studio: Wella HQ Hosted "Building Your Brand" 


















“If you think you don’t have a social media presence now, guess what, you do because people are talking about you and reviewing you even if you’re not paying attention.” Kelly Ehlers, President of Evoke Brand Strategies and a Guest Blogger on MODERN SALON. Ehlers recently taught a class on how hairdressers can harness the power of social media to build their brand at The Studio, an education center at Wella Headquarters in Woodland Hills, CA. Hairdressers with all levels of social media expertise attended but the through line for all was that each must know their strength and define their “X” factor to determine what social media strategy and platform will work best for them.

“Social media is about a conversation.  How do you create a return on your investment so they land in your chair?” said Ehlers. Get engaged.  “The ‘If I build it, they will come’ mentality does not work in social media.”

Social Media at The Studio: Wella HQ Hosted "Building Your Brand"

Socially-savvy talking points:

  • Don’t try to be all things to all people. Find a platform that works for you.
  • Hone in on what works for you and your goals and then mastering that platform
  • Social demands a human touch.  It’s not promotional.  It’s about conversation. 
  • Capitalize on your clients social surfing in the chair.  Have them follow you, tag you.
  • Social media is not a popularity contest.  Followers don’t equal influence.  Focus on delivering value, where and how your clients want it.
  • Value is only created through an exchange of information—not spam.
  •  Include your social media links in traditional advertising
  • Involve team in content development, reward team for participating, create contests of future work, encourage tagging, sharing and commenting



Future Evoke seminars for Wella will be held at both the New York and Woodland Hills studios:


 - 2-hour class: September 18th 

 - 6-hour, hands on class: December 15th 

 Woodland Hills

  - 6-hour, hands on class: October 20th 

 For more, call the Studio Concierge at: 800-422-2336

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