Unless your salon has effectively implemented a "goal and reward system," chances are you will keep wishing, and your front desk will continue to fall short of your customer service/sales expectations. The risk is that your salon will lose thousands of dollars monthly!

Setting up these systems is really very simple:

Change their Titles

First, stop calling your front end team "Receptionists" and start calling them "Front Desk Sales Consultants." By changing the title of the position, you are automatically changing the job description. Instead of answering phones and booking appointments, your front desk team will now be expected to do just what their title says--sell! they begin generating more money to the salon, and in turn, you start rewarding them accordingly.

Set Goals, Give Rewards

Rewards should be set for goals achieved. The goals should be set for the specific business principles that grow salon revenue. For example, if a front desk sales representative sells 20 gift cards within one month, reward them with a $15 gift card to their favorite restaurant. If they sell those 20 gift cards, but then add 40 additional services onto the appointment book within a month, reward them with a $30 gift card to their favorite store. The more goals they meet, the better the reward. Eventually, by following the goals set for them, your staff can receive a paid day off, or even better, a raise!

Where does the money come from?

All rewards are made possible by the generation of extra income during the month by the front desk sales team. For instance, if the front desk sales person hits their goal of 40 additional services sales at $20 per service-that's $800 in top line revenue. In the long run, you're happy as a salon owner because of the increase in revenue and they're happy as a front desk staff being rewarded for their achievements.

If you would like help in implementing an goal and reward system in your salon, contact us at crystal focus.com and we'd be more than happy to help! (For more about a turn-key goal and reward system, check out The Front Desk Doctor Training Kit at crytalfocus.com, and save $100 with the code: ASHLEY100)

A Front Desk Dream Come TrueAshley Griffin is a front desk customer service and sales trainer for Crystal Focus Coaching. As Ashley pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, she worked as a Front Desk Coordinator at New Identities Hair Studio of Tampa, Florida. Upon graduation, she bypassed her intended goal of becoming a history teacher, to accept her new responsibilities as salon manager and Crystal Focus coach.

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